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Advertising Display Screens

LED screen screens are advertising displays, and they are distinguished by being high-brightness screens, and LED screen screens are the latest modern display methods that are used commercially in the world. The advantages of LED screen screens from FAMA are that they are more efficient and effective in delivering your advertisement to the public with high energy rationalization electrical.

The outdoor LED screens known as outdoor display screens, or street advertising screens, are one of the most popular types of screens used in advertising, and display screens are also known as “illuminated billboards”, because of their ideal lighting, clarity, and high quality, the word LED means dual-emitter Light, a light source made of semiconductor materials that radiates light when fed with electric current.

Outdoor LED screens are used in public places, squares, bridges, the highest residential buildings, and entertainment places such as malls and clubs. The outdoor LED screens also have many advantages, most notably:

-Energy-saving as external displays operate with minimal power.

-Resistant to all-natural factors such as storms, rain, and dust.

-Anti-glare protection for screens.

-It has a high degree of clarity and color stability.

– With high accuracy and efficiency that enables you to see it from a distance and see it clearly, which provides you with the presentation of your product while ensuring that its message reaches customers.

How to use and install external LED screens:

The installation of advertising screens is not difficult, especially for external LED screens from FAMA for display screens, as the displays work with a technology called “diodes”.

The diode technology has recently emerged as a newer alternative to the transistor that is used in televisions, and this technology is considered one of the best and latest global technologies, and this technology has allowed us to reach the manufacture of LED screens for display with an ideal thickness that does not take a large space in the place where it is placed and has an unparalleled shape.

LED displays are called LED screens by this name because they are made of LED material, and LED lamps are used to light and operate them, which is characterized by a very high luminous power despite consuming very little power

External LED display way:

You can use external displays, either through text display, through which the advertisement appears in the form of animated text. This method is usually used in restaurants or malls, as well as on screens displaying results in matches.

The second method is the appearance of advertisements by displaying videos directly, whether a recorded video or a live broadcast, and this method is used in the live broadcast of matches, television programs, news presentations, or inside cinemas.

External LED screens from FAMA are the most widely used in advertising, so do not hesitate to contact us to get the best and latest external display screens.


The difference between outdoor displays and indoor displays

The difference between external screens and internal screens is the place of installation, internal screens are installed inside places, and the brightness of the screen and resistance to natural factors such as water and dust, in addition to the viewing distance in internal screens, display content in a few and short spaces.

LED screens are the best types of display screens, as they are the least expensive, most efficient, and easy to use and install.

– Both types of LED screens from FAMA share many advantages:

– Their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire.

– Possessing the highest brightness, providing the most powerful and vivid images and videos.

Resistance to all-natural and atmospheric factors, which provides you with the largest life span of the screens.

– Adapting to all the various lightings in the places where they are displayed.

– More interactive and widespread through LED screens that can display information and data that are constantly updated, such as updates linked to schedules

– Is Faster to spread and easy to update.

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