شاشات الليد في العيادات

Clinic display screens at the lowest prices!

Clinics with display screens are the best. Why?

First, because its price is the lowest, its quality is the highest, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. External LED displays are one of the most effective methods for advertising clinics, as they capture the attention of all passersby. You can showcase recorded content, promotional videos, or photo collages of your services.

Regarding their use within clinics, the internal screens are the most effective because they:

LED screens are used as an alternative to television screens because they consume less energy and are of higher quality.

– Displays information to patients and physicians.

It is used for displaying prices and invoices.

It is used for information transmission.

– Used for patient film screenings.

You can also use transparent screens, such as touch screens, which are among the most advanced screens in use in 2022. These touch screens are referred to as transparent screens. They resemble the touch-enabled screens of contemporary mobile devices, such as Android screens. This type of display screen is made of LED material that is transparent. It has a glass-like appearance, is considered one of the newest advertising screens, and operates via USB.

One of its benefits is its simplicity of use. When enabled, the advertising content is displayed automatically with clarity and quality, and it disappears when the browser is closed. This type of LED display was designed to preserve the elegance of the surrounding environment. They are large-scale, extendable, flexible displays that can be adapted to any environment. They are sufficiently transparent for people to see what is behind them, just like glass.

As they are attached to the wall or attached, they do not obscure the decor behind them, and the content appears only when they are turned on, they are suitable for all locations and spaces. The transparent screens are lightweight, portable, and have a distinctive and beautiful form. The design of transparent LED displays permits light to pass through the glass without being lost. The structure is affected.

Transparent screens illuminate the glass wall, making the displayed advertisement more appealing, as the transparent LED screens adhere to the inner part of the glass wall by means of the glue used, and after a few seconds of curing, the screen is attached to the glass wall firmly, which facilitates installation and operation, it can be installed on the front of windows or buildings because they do not detract from the decoration, but rather enhance it in appearance.

Transparent screens are compatible with 4K technology, are available in a variety of types (internal transparent screens, external transparent screens) and shapes (flat – curved – cylindrical) and have numerous applications (text display, video display, image display)

The Fama company offers all types of LED displays. We are the leaders in our industry. Our LED screens all have the following benefits:

  • Provides accurate colours with high luminance to distinguish the displayed content and give it a distinctive appearance.
  • Controlling the sizes of LED displays, as Fama designs them in a variety of sizes.
  • Adjust the number of colours displayed on the screen.
  • The precision and clarity of the image as well as the intensity of the brightness can be easily adjusted to accommodate the viewing distance.
  • The displayed content, especially text content, is under your control. You can format and alter the font type as well as anything else.
  • You can broadcast any video, regardless of whether it is live or pre-recorded.
  • Simple installation and mounting of LED displays on floors, walls, and façades.
  • Screens are available in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes, and hues, and can be customised to meet specific requirements.
  • The ability to remotely control the screen and schedule the display of content during specific hours and days.

Fama offers all types of LED screen screens for display screens that rely on precision in handling, along with professionalism in installation and production; as a result, we are regarded as one of the best companies for advertising screens in Egypt and are used globally.

We have implemented numerous display screen projects nationwide. We are distinguished by our impeccable quality and reasonable, all-purpose pricing. We are distinguished by our experience, which enables us to present your service optimally on the most recent advertising display screens, which are exclusive to Fama.

We have the most up-to-date LED modules and the highest quality electronic components made specifically for Fama, we have obtained American and European certifications, and we offer a two-year warranty with periodic maintenance performed by certified engineers and consultants.

We are a company that specializes in the production, distribution, installation, and operation of display screens, as well as the design and maintenance of their advertisements and programmed. You will obtain the finest materials for internationally-approved screens with quality and manufacturing certifications from us.

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