led display

Different kinds of LED displays

There is a wide variety of LED screens available, and these screens can be found in a variety of public and private settings. LED screens may be broken down into two categories: internal LED screens and external LED screens. Both kinds have a lot of benefits, and there is no difference between them in terms of the quality of the display or how efficiently it works. The location of the screen installation is what differentiates screens intended for outdoor use from those intended for use indoors. Both the internal and the external screens have the same capabilities but differing screen sizes; the internal screens are situated inside of the locations, whereas the external screens are positioned outside of the locations.

In terms of the various sorts of display displays that Fama has to offer, these are your options:

Video display screens: This kind of display screen is used to broadcast events, such as promotional videos and documentaries, as well as matches and worldwide events, more clearly and concisely. You also have the option of displaying the material in the form of a text display. If you choose this option, the advertisement will be presented in the form of animated text. This technology is typically utilized in restaurants or shopping malls, as well as on screens displaying results in matches, in stores and banks, for the in presenting offers in a text format, and the proprietor of the business is easily able to program what he wants to write on them.

Touch screens: Transparent displays are similar to the screens of modern mobile devices, such as Android screens, which are enabled to respond to touches from a user’s finger. USB.

The fact that it is simple to operate is one of its many selling points. When you turn it on, the advertising content will exhibit itself in a clear and high-quality manner automatically; but, when you turn it off, the content will no longer be visible. The attractiveness of the existing decoration was taken into consideration when developing this sort of LED screen.

Wall screens are one of the most distinctive varieties of LED screens du because they are made to conform to the aesthetic of the room in which they will be installed before they are installed.

One of the best kinds of display screens is known as a transparent display screen. When the screen is turned on, it is can show the text and images that are contained within it. However, when the screen is turned off, the text and images immediately disappear, allowing the user to more clearly view their décor.

Led screen sizes!

There are small LED screens, medium LED screens, and giant LED screens that exceed an area of 2 meters, whether in length or height, and this type of giant screen can be found in many streets, squares, and bridges, in addition to entertainment places such as stadiums or clubs. LED screens are distinguished by their availability in all sizes. There are small LED screens, medium LED screens, and giant LED screens.

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