شاشات ليد عملاقة

Egypt’s outdoor advertising firms!


Because you give your service and have a high degree of trust that your message will be serviced by the majority of your clients of all categories, road advertising is the most popular attraction that most marketers across the world agree on.

Because road advertising is the most effective technique to generate sales, you should read on to find out who the greatest road advertising firm in Egypt is.


In Egypt, giant display panels come in a variety of sizes and classifications, including ph10, ph6, and ph8.

The number next to the letter p indicates the number of LED bulbs on the display screen; for information, the higher the number next to the letter p, the lower the accuracy of the screen, and thus the degree of clarity of the image; however, do not be concerned about these technical issues; our company can provide the best solutions for them and overcome them with the experience and capabilities that the company possesses.

When you buy huge screens from FAMA, we ensure that you will receive many of the following benefits.

Advice and guidance in selecting massive displays

To make things easier for you, we offer a consulting and guidance service to help customers choose the best possible screens that suit their advertising content and also fit the exact location of the screen installation, and to help them choose the most appropriate screen at the cost specified by customers, as well as your choice of the appropriate size that fits the screen installation. It offers the best quality, clarity, and distinctive vision, guaranteeing that viewers are drawn to your material, and as the number of viewers for your content grows, the more likely the viewer will become a customer and seek the product or service you offer. And the provider assists you in selecting a screen that has all of these features at a reasonable price.

Full-screen control software

Many of the following benefits are available through the company’s program for controlling large displays:

– You may program the screen and control the advertising material that appears on it.

– You can customize the screen’s size, colors, and frequency.

– You can write and format the text that appears in your advertising content. You may customize how the content is presented on the screen and set the dates when you want the item to be displayed on the huge screen.

The software is accessible in conjunction with the installation of the display screen at the location specified by the clients.

LED outdoor screens are utilized in public areas, squares, bridges, high-rise residential complexes, and entertainment venues including malls and clubs. LED displays get their name because they are composed of LED material and employ LED lights for lighting and operation, which has a very high luminous power despite its low energy consumption. Too small.

You can employ external displays, such as text displays, in which the advertisement appears as animated text. This strategy is commonly employed in restaurants and shopping centers, as well as on displays that display match results.

The second approach is the direct display of advertising, whether recorded or live, and this method is employed in the live transmission of matches, television programs, news presentations, or inside theatres.

What are Egypt’s top road advertising firms?

“Egyptian road advertising firms” If you are seeking for the greatest road advertising firm in Egypt, call FAMA because it has the best display screen. It is a business that specializes in the production and installation of advertising screens. We were founded approximately ten years ago. We are distinguished by excellent quality and reasonable rates. Suitable for all services, with two-year guarantee and periodic maintenance offered by certified engineers and consultants.

We are a company that specializes in the production, supply, installation, and operation of display screens, as well as the creation and maintenance of advertisements and programs.