شاشات الليد

Fama offers the best pricing on hall LED display screens.


LED displays, or advertising screens, as they are commonly known, and some refer to them as “lounge LED screens” because they are utilized in numerous halls, whether for events and weddings or conference and meeting rooms.

Outdoor advertising screens come in a variety of sizes, including tiny screens, medium screens, and huge screens that exceed 2 meters in length or height, which may be found in many streets, squares, bridges, and entertainment venues such as stadiums or clubs.

There are numerous outdoor LED screen display types and models available, including – Ph6, Ph8, Ph10

The numbers following the letter p show the distance between the LED bulbs on the screen, and it is important to note that the greater the distance, the lower the screen resolution, which also impacts the degree of visual clarity.

As for how to keep external LED screens safe from damage!

External LED screens are among the most damaged screens due to their continual exposure to environmental conditions such as rain, dust, and, on occasion, wind or storms. In this study, we provide you with the finest suggestions for keeping your external LED screen in good working order for as long as possible while maintaining great quality and efficiency.

This is based on Fama Display Screens’ more than ten years of experience in the field of display screens. Fama is a company that designs advertisements, programmed, and maintains display screens in addition to manufacturing, supplying, installing, and operating them. With us, you will get the best screen materials that are worldwide certified for quality and production.

To keep your external screen in good condition, keep the following suggestions in mind: – Keep wet substances away from the screen’s components, because operating the LED screen with moisture causes the components to corrode, causing harm to the screen later.

– Clean the external screen frequently to avoid dust from building on it, which will negatively impair the vision, and the accumulation of dust on the screen negatively affects the electrical circuit of the screen, so be cautious and clean the screen on a regular basis.

– To preserve voltage stability, do not operate the outdoor LED display during inclement weather such as thunder and lightning.

– Make sure that no water gets into the external LED screen, and if it does, turn off the power immediately and make sure the screen panel is dry before restarting it.

– At initially, stick to the swapping sequence. Turn on the control computer first, then turn on the power to the outdoor LED display, and then turn off the outdoor LED display first, followed by the control computer.

Inspect and maintain the outdoor LED display on a regular basis.

To ensure proper airflow, place the primary control computer of the outdoor LED display in an air-conditioned room.

– If there is a problem with the exterior LED screen, please contact us so that we may provide you urgent maintenance or contact the expert to check into it. Be careful not to touch the internal wiring unless you have professional understanding.

To safeguard external LED screens from unintentional injury or damage, you must follow the following instructions when travelling or carrying them:

– Avoid heavy vibration or shock while carrying it, as the screen surface is the most sensitive element of the LED screen.

Avoid dropping the screen from great heights.

– Avoid bending or tugging any cables connected to the external LED screen. Clean the surface of the screen with its materials to maintain the purity and transparency of the screen; your installation specialist can advise you on these products.

LED screens are made up of incredibly precise electronic components and require constant attention, especially when shipping or handling them. As a result, be cautious, and when transporting them, lay them horizontally wherever possible.

For more information on outdoor LED screens, contact Fama, Egypt’s top advertising screen provider.