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ALL about giant display screens

A lot of people, especially factory owners and companies, are searching for the best types of giant display screens through which they can display all of their products and their goods whatever they are through ads on giant display screens anywhere so many people see them when looking at them, as they are the best ever In the rapid delivery of advertisements and different offers for different companies and information about the many products in the markets, which are interested in customers and consumers, as these screens are used to transmit a direct broadcast of the ads that you want to display different companies and factories.

The best giant display screens for display, and advertising

Gigantic display screens are panels that work electronically by highlighting them inside to display pre-recorded advertising materials, as well as advertisements and offers that are broadcasted directly on them, as screens are allocated with special and different sizes, which reach about several meters across And several meters in length and height, and they are the sizes found in many places such as exhibitions, hotels, and malls, as well as on various roads, and inside many streets and squares, as well as in football matches, and these screens exist in many places such as being on the roofs of buildings, or installed on Pregnant, whether single, twin or triple.

It is also present in companies and various commercial stores and large and giant fashion fairs and was found inside the various clubs and covered lounges, and when installed in any place it is installed tightly and in the best wonderful ways, in order to ensure that it does not fall, and after it is installed in the place to be placed, the electronic units are connected And merging them together to get the best offers and image ads, and for this many people are searching for the best companies to install and maintain display screens and the best types of giant display screens.

What are the most important uses for giant display screens?

The purposes of using the various giant display screens vary and differ, as there are many purposes for which the screens can be used. These purposes are as follows:

  1.  Giant display screens can be used for many purposes, including the promotion of many products and small and large projects, and this is done through displaying marketing ads in the most distinctive and different ways, whereby people can learn about the offers and products that the company or shops display by looking at Giant displays that save them a lot of time and effort, and therefore these screens greatly help in the noticeable increase in sales and increase the percentage of viewing of offers and achieve the highest material gains in the shortest possible time.
  2.  The giant display screens also help to provide important information for one of the fields specific to each user, which is represented in sports, science, medicine and different economic conditions, and for this reason the screens are located in many hospitals, clubs, different marketing center, and many shops.
  3.  The screens also display the best images and enjoyable and unforgettable moments, which is why they are used in a lot of parties and special events.
  4. Gigantic screens are used as a home theater, to display movies and plays as well as matches in the highest quality and best picture.
  5.  Giant displays are one of the best and fastest ways to promote different products and commodities, as they can draw the attention of many passers-by in different ways whether they are passing in front of them walking or riding, it shows the vision in the best image and the highest quality possible, so this is one of the best ways to promote and advertise products Goods and services.
  6. It is used in the sports stadium to display matches in human rallies with ease.

 giant LED screens

: Features of giant advertising screens for advertising

Giant displays for displaying advertisements and offers are characterized by many advantages that are represented in the following:

  • The giant display screen is available in many sizes, which are suitable for the use of many people, whether store owners, hotels or clubs and stadiums, where the screen is suitable for decorations and parties.
  • You can control giant display screens by connecting the Internet to it, as it provides the ability to remote control them and not necessarily be by their side to be able to control them.
  •  You can easily determine the appropriate contents of the advertisement be promoted, by using the latest distinctive and unique techniques and techniques.
  • There is a controller inside, which allows full control and control over it, in order to raise the quality of ads and offers in the easiest way
  •  The screens also have many colors, as they display the images with the highest efficiency and the best 3D colors.
  • The screen has a high rate of brightness, as it transmits light in a sufficient amount and sufficient to clearly show advertisements and offers, which allows viewers to enjoy learning about the offers without any problems in displaying goods and products.
  •  Giant displays can respond to various weather changes, whether it is rain, dust storms, or anything, as they are designed to deal with all climates throughout the year.
  • Display screens come with the best image and highest resolution in displaying advertisements and offers on them, as they are represented by different resolutions and clarity, and degrees of clarity such as “P4 – P5 – P6 – P8 – P10”, which allows choosing from them to obtain the best degree of accuracy and clarity that exists.
  •  The screens are distinguished by the best and most modern control panels in the world, which makes them save a lot of electrical energy, as they are equipped with a regulated electrical source for the electrical current coming out of the control panel.

giant display screensGiant display screens from Fama

There are a lot of companies that work in this field, but people are always looking for the best companies to install, maintain and operate giant display screens for displaying advertisements and offers, which are installed in the streets, malls and commercial places, and Fama Company provides all services for installation and maintenance of giant display screens, Which owns its best team, works with the highest efficiency and the fastest time to complete operations and perform the required operations as quickly and as efficiently as it is one of the best pioneering companies in this field, and always provides the best prices and offers that many people are searching for.

How to clean giant screens in the best way

Great care must be taken before proceeding to clean giant advertising screens, as there are many screens that need to be continuously cleaned of dust and dust that enter them in with the dust-laden winds that accumulate over time, and the following must be taken into consideration before starting operations Cleaning:

  • First, electricity must be completely cut off from the screen, waiting until the screen and bulbs inside are cool, as they rise significantly in heat during operation, and they should not suddenly cool.
  •  Second, the following tools and equipment are prepared:
  •  Sink of the type that compresses water with air at the same time, and in the event of difficulty in its presence, an ordinary water hose can be used.
  • A soft or coarse brush, depending on the type of screen you own.
  • Prepare any liquid soap, until it is mixed with water.
  • A clean, dry cloth to use for drying operations.

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