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Giant outdoor LED screens


Giant outdoor screens are the most used in the field of advertising for many years and are still the most in-demand.

Giant outdoor displays are used in many uses for all different fields such as (advertising – providing information – public events – transferring matches – representative shows). Many types of giant LED screens are used in many public and private places.

The giant LED screens are divided into two parts: internal LED screens and external LED screens. Both types have many advantages and there is no difference between them in display quality and efficiency. The difference between external screens and internal screens is the place of installation, the internal screens are installed inside the places, while the external screens are placed in the places External, and they both have the same features with different screen sizes.

Giant outdoor displays prices:

The prices of giant screens in Egypt are highly variable because they depend on many factors such as imported raw materials to manufacture giant screens, and also the size, accuracy, and quality make up the difference in prices. Therefore, in this report, we will provide a detailed explanation of giant street advertising screens, their prices, and the best place to rent advertising screens giant in Egypt.

Giant screens are one of the most widely used types of screens in promoting products and in advertising, and FAMA Displays has the best giant LED screens in Egypt, which suit all your needs at the best prices for giant screens.

  • Factors that determine the prices of giant screens

1/ Installation location

In the beginning, you must determine the type of advertisement that you want to display, whether text, video, or images, followed by the size. Giant screens are available in all sizes. Therefore, choosing the right place to install giant screens is one of the most important factors that help in the success of your promotion of the content you provide and helps in a way Great in attracting viewers and reaching the largest possible segment of the target audience for your advertising campaign, and the location also affects the prices of giant screens in Egypt, because the installation of screens on the ground, for example, differs in size from installing screens on the roofs of buildings or installing them on the fronts of stores and pharmacies, for example. And with different screen sizes, prices also differ, and the right place must be chosen very carefully because if the viewing angle is high and the screen is small, this reduces the chances of seeing it.

2/ Choose the size of the giant screens

One of the most important factors affecting the success of your advertising campaign and its reaching the target audience correctly and achieving the important goal of attracting the audience to the content you provide, is choosing the appropriate screen size that matches your content and the exact location of the giant display, and choosing the appropriate size is your choice of screen prices as well.

Because the prices are related to the size of the screens, the larger the screen size, the higher the prices, and vice versa. When installing display screens, many interconnected LED tiles are placed, and the greater the number of tiles, the higher the cost of the screen. There is a proportion and proportion between the location of the screen and its size, but do not worry about the prices of screens Giant display in Egypt, our company offers you the best prices.

3/ Choose the appropriate category giant display

Giant screens in Egypt differ, as they come in many sizes and categories, and among these categories are ph10 – ph6 – ph8 and the number next to the letter p shows us the number of LED bulbs in the display screen, and for information also, the higher the number next to the letter p, the lower the accuracy of the screen, and therefore The degree of clarity of the image decreases, but do not worry about these technical matters that our company can provide the best solutions for and overcome them with the experience and capabilities that the company possesses.

The advantages of giant LED screens from FAMA Company

Giant LED screens from FAMA have many advantages that are not found in any of the other screens, which are represented in the following:

  1. Available in all sizes to suit all your needs.
  2. The possibility of controlling it through the Internet connection, because it has the feature of remote control.
  3. Their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire.
  4. Possessing the highest brightness, providing the most powerful and vivid images and videos.
  5. Resistance to all-natural and atmospheric factors, which provides you with the largest lifespan for the screens.
  6. Adaptation to all the various lightings in the places where they are displayed.
  7. Faster to spread and easy to update.
  8. Designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, as it has a voltage regulator.
  9. The ability to easily control the brightness.


Best place to get giant projectors?

Rental of LED screens is available at FAMA for display screens that rely on accuracy in handling, with professionalism in installation and manufacturing. Therefore, FAMA’s display screens are considered one of the best advertising screens in Egypt and are used all over the world.

FAMA has implemented more than 3,000 projection screens across the country. We are distinguished by perfect quality, economical prices, suitable for all services. We are distinguished by the experience that makes us know how to ideally present your service on the latest advertising screens that are available only at FAMA.

FAMA has the latest LED modules, and the finest electronic parts, manufactured specifically for FAMA. We have obtained certified American and European certificates, and we provide you with a two-year warranty, with periodic maintenance carried out by specialized engineers and certified consultants.