How to use touch screens in ads

Touch screens are touch screens, also called transparent screens, are Android screens that use touch technology. This type of display screen is made of a transparent LED material similar to glass, and it is considered one of the latest screens used in advertising.

One of its advantages is its ease of use. When turned on, the advertising content is automatically displayed with clarity and quality, and the content disappears when closed. This type of LED screen was created to preserve the beauty of the surrounding décor. They are flexible displays on a large scale that can be extended to fit the surroundings of everything. They are transparent enough so that people can from seeing what’s behind it is just like glass.

Transparent LED screens are one of the latest technologies used, as they are suitable for all places and areas, in addition, that they are suitable for all areas because they are attached to the wall or attached and do not hide the decor behind them and the content appears only when it is turned on.

What are the uses of touch screens?

Transparent screens help illuminate the glass wall, making the displayed advertisement more attractive, as the transparent LED screens stick to the inner part of the glass wall, using the glue used, and after several seconds of processing, the screen is connected to the glass walls firmly, which facilitates the installation and operation process. It can be installed on the front of windows or buildings because they do not hinder the decoration, but rather stand out more beautifully.

Transparent LED screens can also be used in banks, public places, hotels, conference squares, and other public places they have a unique and stunning shape because they highlight the display in a lively manner and bright colors.

Transparent screens work with 4K technology, transparent screens are available in several types (internal transparent screens, external transparent screens) and several shapes (flat – curved – cylindrical) and many uses (text display, video display, image display)

Advantages of transparent screens from FAMA for display screens

– Very thin with a very small thickness, not exceeding 8 m


m because it is a frame without a frame

– Easy to maintain and use.

It is light in weight, not exceeding 12 kg per square meter

– High and unique image quality.

– High contrast ratio.

– Large viewing angle

– Supports infrared technology “multi-touch”


– Bright colors with a high profile.


LED screens are very good for indoor and outdoor marketing they are very well designed, environmentally friendly products. They come in a comprehensive range of different sizes, which saves a lot on the budget. These panels also include features such as temperature and clock display and are made from high-quality raw materials that can enhance the durability of the products. They can be seen clearly from hundreds of meters away even during the day.

At each stage of production of these LED displays, a team of experts rigorously tests products to assess their compliance with international quality standards You can prepare up to eight separate presentations that are displayed at pre-programmed times, ideal for target audiences, Effective commercial time management when Have a targeted campaign.


These display panels can be made to standard casing size, and the dimensions of your LED sign can be easily extended, even after a long period of purchase. These screens are easy to program through easy-to-use and advanced software and can be easily modified using the included software.


They have many other advantages such as ease of use, ultra-thinness, transparency, rain resistance, large-area application, and easy installation. It is also resistant to attack by stones, paint, and more.

Best place to sell or rent touch screens (transparent screens)?

All types of LED screens are available at FAMA for display screens that rely on accuracy in dealing, with professionalism in installation and manufacturing. Therefore, FAMA’s display screens are considered one of the best advertising screens in Egypt and are used all over the world.

FAMA has the latest LED modules, and the finest electronic parts, manufactured specifically, we have obtained certified American and European certificates, and we provide you with a two-year warranty, with periodic maintenance carried out by specialized engineers and certified consultants.