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LED screen prices 2020

 LED screens prices are not fixed and this is due to several factors, including a new appearance every day in the world of technology, especially in the LED screens, and there are other factors, such as the raw materials used imported, and everyone knows that the import is affected by the changes that occur to the local currencies of the importing country In front of the dollar, the prices of the LED screens also differ due to the difference in the accuracy and quality of the LED screen. This definitely affects their prices, and there are many factors that must be taken care of and pay attention to when buying LED Screens.

 Best led screen prices 

If you want to get the best-LED screen prices, you should look carefully and compare the prices provided by companies that work in the field of LED screens until they reach the best price and that is most appropriate for you, but make sure, dear reader, that our company As for you, think about all these matters and strive to provide the best prices for LED screens and offer very competitive commercial prices for LED screens, and we will explain everything related to LED screens and the prices of LED screens, to assess yourself and you can determine what you want to get in terms of quality and price for screens.

Led screen prices

If you are thinking of a good start to advertise your project, product, or service that you provide to clients, we make sure that advertising via led screens from Fama is a correct start as it can deliver your advertising message to a large segment of customers, knowing that the intensity of display Your advertisement and in the correct period that you specify contributes greatly to reaching your target audience and achieving great success for your advertising campaign, and do not hesitate due to thinking about the prices of led screens in the start of your successful campaign through advertising screens, make sure that we provide you with the best-led screen prices.

اسعار شاشات ليد 2020

Factors that determine the led screen prices.

When talking about the prices of LED screens, we must confirm that their prices are not the same or have a fixed price, and this varies due to many factors that were mentioned previously, but what we confirm now is that our company either helps you choose the appropriate LED screens Which fit your ad, be it a video ad, image ad, or even text ad, so you get the right screens for you at the best price for LED displays. Among the most important factors that determine the prices of the LED display are the following:

  • Choose the right place for the LED display

One of the most important factors in attracting scenes is choosing the right place to install LED screens, and this affects the cost when installing advertising screens, and LED screen prices differ when installing on the floor, for example, or when they are installed on rooftops or installed on the storefront, there is a factor Another important thing is the size of the advertising screens in choosing the right place for them because if the viewing angle is high and the screen is small in size, this reduces the chances of seeing it clearly.

  • Choose the appropriate LED screen size

One of the important factors that affect the success of your advertising campaign through advertising screens, is choosing the right size for it and the right place as well, and choosing the size contributes to reducing or increasing the cost, and therefore the prices of LED screens vary according to the size appropriate for you and your advertising campaign, so screens are installed LED by placing a number of stacked LED squares, the more tiles, the more screen cost, and as we explained earlier, the ratio and proportion between screen location and size.

  • Choose the appropriate category for the LED display

There are many different categories and the prices of LED displays are also different for each category, and from these categories, ph10 – ph6 – ph8 and the number added to the letter p shows the number of LED bulbs in the screen, and the higher that number, the more screen resolution and thus also the degree of image clarity, but This is not a cause for concern, our company has a great experience to help you choose the category that best suits your needs, and we also have a lot of experience installing LED displays that provide the best possible quality, as we have programs that increase the resolution of the original screen.

led screen prices

Guidance and assistance in choosing the LED display

The guidance and assistance service is one of the most important factors that help you in choosing the right LED screens for you and the advertising campaign for your product or service that you want to advertise, and it also helps you in choosing the best prices for LED screens available in the market today. This is due to our long experience in advertising of various kinds, and therefore we can choose the appropriate screen for the customer in terms of accuracy, size, and prices, and we can provide the best solutions appropriate for your commercial project, no matter how different it is from your business, whether it is a commercial store, restaurant or clinic, the company has all kinds of Text and video screens that provide current market needs.

  • Prices for LED screens for video and pictures

The prices of the LED screen vary according to the accuracy, size, area and technical specifications of each screen, and we will provide you with the latest prices for the 2020 screens, and these prices may vary or change with the fluctuations of the markets:

  1. PH10 OUTDOOR LED screens, EGP 10,000 only.
  2.  PH4 indoor displays, only EGP 17,000.
  3.  PH5 INDOOR LED screen, 13000 EGP
  4. PH5 OUTDOOR external screen, price: 18000 EGP.
  5.  PH6 OUTDOOR external screen, price: 16000 EGP.
  • Led screen text display prices

The prices of the LED screens text textures, they may be the most appropriate for your need and we must tell you that you can get LED text screens at a lower cost than the LED screens for video and images, and the LED screen screens are used to display mobile text ads, such as the names of shops and restaurants Malls, clinics, airport lounges, courts of the courts and many other uses. The text screen LED screens are distinguished by the diversity of their prices, and their prices are calculated in meters, i.e. along the length of the screen in their presentation. Here are the latest LED screen text prices:

  1.  LED text screen size 20 by 100 cm and its price is 600 EGP.
  2.  LED screens, size 228 cm by 20 cm, and the price are 1400 EGP.
  3.  LED Text Screen Size 196 cm * 36 cm Multicolored and price 2200 pounds.
  4.  Screens in meters measuring 196 cm * 52 cm and priced at 3350 EGP.
  5.  Screens in meters, size 196 cm * 68 cm, and its price is 4300 Egyptian pounds.

led screensled screen prices advantages by FAMA

  •  Our company provides led screens prices which are commercial and very suitable for customers.
  •  Installation service prices are also very suitable for clients.
  •  The company provides maintenance contracts for clients, including long-term contracts.
  •  Our company provides the longest possible warranty period on the LED screen.
  •  The company provides the best possible support to clients and answers all their inquiries.
  •  The company is always developing and modernizing to provide everything that the market needs in terms of quality, latest, and best.
  •  The company offers waterproof and anti-dust and LED storm screens.
  •  The company produces all sizes of tiles used in the screens, including large, small and medium to provide the required size for the screens.
  •  The company offers you full control over the content displayed on the advertising screen.

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