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LED screen program how to download and programming

LED screens program through which you can program the screen and the advertising material that is displayed on the LED screens, and specify the size, colors, frequency, writing and formatting of texts, and you can also control the style and times for displaying the advertising material that you want to announce through the LED screens Screen “led screens” and we will explain everything related to the program LED screens in this article with the addition of a link to download the program LED screens.

What are the led screens?

LED screens are electronic billboards. Through the LED screen program, you can control them completely and display the advertising material you want in the way you prefer. LED screens are used for several purposes, including:

  • Display all ads, whether it be videos, animations, or even text ads. Advertisements for the products of different companies, whatever the product is, are displayed on these electronic advertising screens.
  • It is used in marketing and displaying advertisements for films and plays through it.
  • Showrooms in airport lounges are used to display what the cameras capture directly.
  • It uses LED screens to display matches and sporting events inside stadiums, so viewers can clearly see the event through them.
  • It is also used in conferences and meetings to display the materials presented to facilitate the visibility of the visible content.

The importance of the LED screen program in electronic advertising?

LED screens are characterized by the presence of LED lights inside them instead of fluorescent or cathode lamps, which were used in previous generations of screens and that makes them the best in terms of quality and also the best in terms of life span, they are small lenses that make the text appear on the screen With great clarity and strongly superior to previous generations, among them are:

  • The LED screens are characterized by strong contrast and their ability to display colors in a distinctive way
  • LED screens also feature a clear picture with high levels of illumination as well.
    led screen programm

Types of led screens

External screens: outdoor
Indoor screens: indoor

External LED screens are installed in the streets and squares, and they are also installed on the roofs of buildings and building fronts and are also used in shops, banks, stadiums, clubs, and all different places. On the ad side, the goal is to install external LED screens in All these places, is to attract the attention of individuals to the product advertised on the screen in an attractive way, and the advertising material is designed and controlled through the LED screen program.

Types of LED screens in terms of accuracy

Types of LED screens and their models differ in terms of accuracy to give p4-p5-p6 -p8-p10, and these models may be the most popular number and the number after p represents the distance between the LED lights and we will explain this more, for example:

  • p10: This explains that the lenses are larger and far from each other, and here the light is somewhat intense and the image does not appear clearly close-up, but it means that we are seeing the image more from a distance farther from the P5 or P6 screen, for example.
  • p6 – p5: the lenses may be closer to each other in a somewhat smaller size and here the image is higher resolution, and it is characterized by high color accuracy and the plate can be viewed from a distance or close in shape and see well. But the screen cannot be seen from as far away as the p10.


Led screens program

To control the LED screens, there are several Led screens program, and one of these programs is installed to be able to fully control the LED screens and control the content displayed on them and the degree of contrast and the degree of colors and everything you want, and the program is led to install the LED screens “as follows” :

  • Download the CD that came with the screen and install the program on your computer
  • We open the program after connecting the controller to the computer via USB
  • We define the screen on the program by doing the following

Tools >>> panel set up >>> password

  • Then enter 168
  • Here is the definition of the programming controller that can be known when purchasing the product, usually U6A or U6B
  • Then choose Width / Height, which is the number of lights
  • Then choose the color type, for example, you can choose one color R, two RG colors, or three RGB colors
  • Then we choose the intensity of illumination and frequency, which is the speed of shutting down and operating the screen quickly
  • In the case of advertising by text, here comes the writing stage
  • A program like POWER LED is a Scan type that is 4.114 every 8 pixels is challenged to show us a black rectangle in order to write what we want
  • A program like HD2016 we press PROGRAM then TEXT a black rectangle appears and we write what we want

Note: There are some programs that need a special card, and there are other programs that do not need a card model, and one of the most important programs that are used according to the screen card that you will program:

  1. HD2016
  2. Power LED: You can download the LED lighting program
  3. Biosled: This program does not need its own card model and does not require configuration

power led programm

Led screens program types

Our preferred LED screens program is installed, and there are many programs used in programming illuminated electronic advertising screens, including:

  • HD2013, HD2014 or HD2016
  • Power led

The controller can be connected to the computer via the USB port, or transfer the content after programming from the computer to the controller through a flash.

  • First, you should choose the appropriate program, install it on your computer, and then open it.
  • Click on the TOOLS menu and then PANEL SETUP. A box asking for the password appears 168.
  • Choosing the console When you open the program, you are asked to choose the type of controller.
  • Choose the screen size (the number of bulbs in length and the number of bulbs in the width) and choose the image resolution, for example, p5 – p6. There are many options, each of which differs in the uses as mentioned earlier.
  • Press PROGRAM then TEXT and enter the text that you want to appear on the screen in the black rectangle.

How to format the content using the LED screens program

  • Choose the illumination intensity (brightness and frequency, which is the screen’s shutdown and operating speed)
  • You can also add many effects to the text, such as changing the color (if your screen is colored) or moving the text to the right, north, above, or below, and many other options.
  • Transforming a specific image into a viewable format, or displaying the hour or date and many different capabilities, through the toolbar located at the top of the main page in the “LED screens” program.

Good programming advice through the LED screen program

 FAMA, We must know that professional programming of advertising material and displaying it in an innovative, distinctive and creative way adds great value to advertising and contributes greatly to the success of this advertising campaign, and through electronic advertising screens, we must highlight the product, service, discounts, offers, project, or idea clearly in an attractive way. Touching.

We can do this through moving graphics and visual effects, and all of these things work to draw the attention of the audience and customers, and we may see that the advertising campaign leaves a huge impact on them, and this indicates the success of the campaign, of course, and you can get the company’s distinguished services by a professional technician at the best prices Guarantee, sale, supply, installation, maintenance, programming, with premium contracts


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