شاشات ليد للمطاعم

LED screens attract attention in cafes

How can you make gains from LED screens? And what is the impact of displays on your sales!

LED outdoor advertising screens are considered one of the most popular types of screens in the recent period, for their use in many fields, especially the field of advertising and one of the latest modern display methods that are used commercially in the world as they are the best in size, shape, quality, and cost.

They are used in the event of broadcasting various events such as matches, movies, and conferences in many countries and these screens work with light, which is the best type in terms of contrast and difference.

It features a set of powerful LED bulbs because when the screen is turned on, light is emitted from these lights so that writing, photos, and videos are well visible.

Also, these screens are certainly suitable for both external and internal installation, so texts, videos, and images are displayed on them. LED screens come with different resolutions and different features than others because they are suitable for many people to do different occasions.

LED screens are characterized by their availability in all sizes, there are small screens, medium screens, and giant screens that exceed 2 meters in length or height, and this type of giant screens is found in many streets, squares, bridges, restaurants, and cafes.

The difference between external screens and internal screens is the place of installation. As for the size, both screens, whether internal or external, are available in all different sizes. It comes from the place of installation, as the internal screens are installed inside the places, and the brightness of the screen and resistance to natural factors such as water and dust, in addition to the viewing distance in the indoor screens displays content in a few short spaces.

Both types of advertising screens share their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire and possess the highest brightness, as they provide the strongest images and videos, live and distinct, and are resistant to all-natural and atmospheric factors, which provides you with the largest lifespan of the screens in addition to adapting to all the various lighting places in the places where they are displayed.

How do displays affect your sales?

LED advertising screens are one of the most important means for many people in the world of marketing and business management, as they need them to issue many advertisements and convey special offers about their company’s products or broadcast any important event, as entrepreneurs always want to spend all their money on a product that can generate abundant profits These screens can convey content, their clarity and brightness can be easily controlled, they can also regulate their operating time and retention.

It is very clear that by using these screens, the advertising company’s sales rate increases, as it enjoys watching all of its offers, which increases the percentage of display of these products and offers, and LED screens are the best types of display screens, as they are the least in cost, most inefficiency, and easy to use. Use and installation.

You can easily make profits from street advertising screens, as you ensure that your ads are seen by all passers-by in the best and most successful way to promote your service


Where can you rent or buy street advertising screens?

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