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LED screens PH10 Outdoor

outdoor LED screens, also known as outdoor displays or street advertising screens, are among the most widely utilized types of screens in advertising, hence LED screens were designed for advertising. Listed below are the various types of outdoor LED displays.

P8 is the most effective model for outdoor displays because of its high accuracy and quality, its distinctive and distinct colors, its exceptional consistency between light and image, and its lightweight and ease of installation and transportation.


Due to its resistance to water and dust, it is typically utilized in open spaces with expansive expanses, making it an excellent option for parties, conferences, festive, and documentary events.


P10 is a unique external display and the most widely used in the field of advertising due to its many advantages, such as its wide angle of brightness, which highlights the information or advertisements displayed uniquely. Furthermore, it is easy to install and maintain and lightweight, making it the most popular display in Squares, bridges, malls, and other commercial areas.


P6 is an external display with unparalleled image stability and clarity. It is utilized in public spaces for many sorts of advertising, including public squares, bridges, and entertainment venues, because it is water-resistant and has a wide viewing angle, rendering the picture or text projected on it clear and undistorted. The most unique variety.


Outdoor LED screens, also known as outdoor displays or street advertising screens, are one of the most common types of screens used in advertising. Display screens are often known as “luminous billboards” because of their excellent illumination, clarity, and high quality. It is a semiconductor-based light source that emits light when supplied with an electric current.


Public spaces, squares, bridges, the tallest residential buildings, and entertainment venues such as malls and nightclubs use external LED displays. Features


·         External screens work with low power, conserving energy.




·         Resistant to all-natural elements, including storms, precipitation, and dust.




·         Protection against glare for screens.




·         High levels of clarity and color stability are present.



With great accuracy and efficiency that allows you to view it from a distance and see it clearly, providing you with the presentation of your product and guaranteeing that its message reaches clients effectively.


As for advertising screens for sale and the costs of external advertising screens, you can contact Fama for display screens to sell or rent advertising screens that rely on precision in dealing, professionalism in installation, and expertise in production. Fama contains the most up-to-date LED modules and the finest electronic components made particularly for Fama. We have gained American and European certifications, and we offer you a two-year warranty, with quarterly maintenance performed by certified engineers and advisors.


The prices of outdoor screens vary based on their precision, size, area, and technical specifications: –



·         The pricing of PH10 OUTDOOR LED displays is 10,000 EGP.




·         The pricing of the PH5 OUTDOOR display is 18000 EGP.




·         External display screen PH6 OUTDOOR is available for 16000 EGP


Fama is one of the greatest advertising screen companies since it specializes in the production, distribution, installation, and operation of display screens, as well as the creation and maintenance of its advertisements and programmers.