LED Screens secrets

LED SCREEN from FAMA company is the latest technology in advertising methods, as they work to attract customers more than any other type of advertising means because they are manufactured to provide the best possible quality with a unique and distinct color degree.

It is also used in all fields, whether to advertise products or offer services in one way or another, and the LED screen displays differ in “size, shape and quality”, which determines their cost and the price of LED screens varies according to the customer’s requirements, and for this reason, we will provide all you want to know about LED screens so that the best type for your service and for displaying your restricted content.

How the led screen is working?

LED screens depend in their work on the passage of electrical current passing through them because they contain light-emitting diode tubes, and these valves are composed of an elevator and a cathode, which are “anode-cathode”, both of which are separated at two different ends from each other, and with the electrical current connected, Then the atoms are excited rapidly from the elevator, as it is the highest in energy, and they go to the cathode and it is the lowest in energy, thus a fusion of the crystal occurs in one direction and electricity is connected to it as a whole in the form of a photon, and thus one of the light rays occurs that has a specific frequency and accordingly it has a wavelength As well as a specific color emitted by the LED, which explains the multi-color ability of LED lamps.

As for prices, determining the cost of the LED screen screens must have 3 main factors:

1 / Where to place the LED screens.

2 / Screen size required to serve you.

3 / The selected category of LED screens.

Choose the appropriate category of LED screens

There are many categories of outdoor LED screens, including many different models, including – Ph6, ph8, ph10

The numbers that come after the letter p indicate the distance between the LED bulbs in the screen, and it is worth noting that the greater the distance, the lower the screen resolution, and this also affects the resolution of the image, but in FAMA Company, our company has the experience to overcome this matter and provide LED screens, in the best possible quality and high resolution.

to make it easier for you, at FAMA Display Company, we provide a consulting and guidance service to make it easier for customers for choosing the best possible screens that suit their advertising content and also suit the specific location for installing the screen, and help them choose the most appropriate screen at the cost specified by customers, and thus get the best-LED screen with the best size and price.

At FAMA, we offer unbeatable commercial prices while providing the best solutions to help you start a successful and distinctive advertising campaign.

The uses of the LED display screens from FAMA

LED screen displays are used in many places, whether public or private, and they are greatly utilized in hospitals, pharmacies, and medical centers, and through them are promoted for shops and malls, and are also used in banks, hotels, theaters, nightclubs, wedding halls, learning, training and conference halls. It greatly facilitates the process of presenting content to the target audience, as it works to display videos, images, and texts to attract viewers to the content you provide and help you turn the viewer into a customer who requests your service or the product you are promoting.

  • Facilitating the learning process, as it is used to display educational and training skills.
  • It is used to provide offers and discounts quickly, to reach the target audience in the least possible time.
  • Used in banquet halls and celebrations to display pictures and welcoming texts.
  • It is used to display valuable information especially in the field of medicine.
  • Used in broadcasting concerts, matches, and conferences, whether they are recordings or live broadcasts.

Features of the LED screens from FAMA company.

It provides true colors with high brightness, as it distinguishes the displayed content and gives a unique look.

  • Control the sizes of the LED screen screens, as they are designed by FAMA company in all different sizes.
  • Control the number of colors that appear in the display.
  • Easy to control image resolution and brightness to suit the viewing distance.
  • You can control the displayed content, especially text content. You can format and change the font type and whatever you want.
  • You can broadcast any video, whether it is live broadcast or recorded video.
  • Easy to install on floors, walls, and facades.
  • Available in unlimited sizes, shapes, colors, and you can design the screen to suit your needs.
  • You can store your video or content on the screen.
  • LED screens have a powerful and distinctive video processor.
  • The ability to remotely control the screen and control the display of content at specific hours and days.

FAMA is a company specializing in the manufacture, supply, installation, and operation of display screens, in addition to designing and maintaining its advertisements and programs, you will get the finest materials for screens that are internationally approved with quality and manufacturing certificates.