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Modern LED Screens


LED displays are considered to be one of the newest developments in advertisement and advertisement. LED screens are known by many names, “street advertising screens or illuminated advertising screens and even outdoor advertising screens,” but in the end, they are LED screens.

LED screens are used in many places and squares, as they are known to be one of the best street advertisement screens and are built to display a product or service.

What are the LED screens?

LED screens are electronic panels used for advertising, and this type of screen is the latest modern display methods used commercially in the world, and the advantage of FAMA’s LED screens is that they are more efficient and effective in communicating your advertisement to the public with a high rationalization of electrical energy.

The installation of advertising screens is not difficult, especially the outdoor LED screens from FAMA, as the display screens work with a technology called ” Diode”.

The diode technology has recently appeared as a newer alternative to the transistor that is used in televisions, this technology is considered one of the best and latest global technologies.

Led screen made of LED material, and it uses LED lights to light and operates it, which has a very high light power despite its very little energy consumption.

As for the display method, it is recorded, where we place the recorded advertisement inside the LED screen and leave it for display.

One of the advantages of the LED screen is the possibility of controlling it remotely with ease.

LED screen sizes!

LED screens are distinguished by their availability of all sizes, there are small screens, medium screens, and giant screens that exceed an area of ​​2 meters, whether in length or height, and this type of giant screens is found in many streets, squares, bridges, and also in entertainment places such as stadiums or clubs.

It is also used in roadways designated for travel as it targets travelers to present performances that they can see from a distance due to its giant area, as it is placed on a stand or placed on rooftops.


The most uses for FAMA’s giant LED screens

1 / Advertising: LED screens are the best way to display your service, products, or specific goods that you want to promote, so LED screens are distinguished that they can be placed anywhere you want to target customers so that your message is delivered distinct and unique way.

2 / Provide information: where you can use the LED screens to display information in many different fields, whether sports – medicine – economics – or promotional information about your service. LED screens are available in many malls or hospitals and are also found in major conference centers, whether to display information or provide Recorded showing of documentaries about an event or service.

3 / Public events: The giant LED screens are also used in weddings and public events for its distinction, efficiency, and quality in displaying photos, videos, photographic shots in all different and unique ways.

4 / Transferring matches: LED screens are used to transmit and display matches, sporting events, world shows, and external conferences because they are characterized by the highest quality of display and for this reason, they are always the first choice in sports halls, whether in the stadium, entertainment clubs or public places.

5 / Dramatic shows: LED screens are used to perform analog shows in theaters, as many use them in showing series or movies because of their efficiency and the quality of their brightness.

Advantages of the giant LED screens from FAMA

The giant LED screens from FAMA are characterized by many features that are not found in any of the other screens, which are both of the following:

  1. Available in all sizes to suit all your needs.
  2. The ability to control it through the internet connection, because it has a remote control feature.
  3. Their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire.
  4. Possessing the highest brightness levels, as it provides the strongest live and distinct photos and videos.
  5. Resistance to all-natural and weather factors, which provides you with the largest lifespan for screens.
  6. Adapting to all the different lighting in the display areas.
  7. Faster to spread and easy to update.
  8. Designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, as it has a voltage regulator.
  9. The ability to control the degree of brightness easily.

FAMA has the latest LED modules, and the finest electronic parts, specially manufactured for FAMA. We have obtained American and European certificates, and we provide you with a two-year guarantee, with periodic maintenance performed by specialized engineers and certified consultants.

FAMA, a company specializing in the manufacture, supply, installation, and operation of display screens, in addition to designing and maintaining its advertisements and programs, with us you will get the finest materials for screens that are internationally approved with quality and manufacturing certificates.