Programming LED screens step by step

Programming LED screens step by step

Fama Company offers you the comprehensive guide on programming LED screens in terms of controlling and coordinating the content and setting up display dates and making it ready to draw attention and attract customers, and more than that we will also talk about it and you will find it with us, as the importance of this matter is due to the fact that the content that will be displayed on the screen is a phrase About the advertising notice that the advertiser wants to reach to all customers in order to get the profit.

programming LED screens

programming LED screens are done through your use of a program for this type of screen, and the completion of this process is via a  computer.

And all this is done in order to prepare the apparent content of the customer’s “advertising message” to be in its best image, and thus you can achieve what you want from behind your use of the LED screen and you’re doing the advertisement.

The importance of programming LED screens:

  • Recording, tuning, and coordinating all related purposes such as font and text size.
  • Choose colors and determine their numbers.
  • Adjust the way narration or content appear, meaning that it adds aesthetic effects to it.
  • Make the text appear in a style from top to bottom or right and then left as desired, or show it and hide it in progressive methods or any addition of any other effect that you will find is present within the screen programming program.
  • Combine backgrounds or images with text, in addition to allowing the image to be changed to another format that you can display.
  • Detect date or time or hide them (if desired).
  • Choose specific dates for broadcasting the content during a specific time, day or date, in addition to specifying the date at which the screen will start operating and the closing time as well.

After completing the previously mentioned points which are within the steps of programming the LED screens, it is time to save and deliver the content to the display.

prgramming led screensMajor tools in programming LED screens

Before getting to know how to programing LED screens step by step, we must know the tools that we will need to perform programming.

It is worth noting that the electronic LED screen is divided into a number of solid parts side by side to the software. Some of these tools have a major role in the programming led screens process and others have no role in doing this.

Board controler board

It is a card or electronic board, which is distinguished for its screen and battery memory.

Board controller connected to the LED screen using 2 USB cable:

  1. Data cable
  2. Power cable

Very simply the size of the board control is responsible for determining the total tiles required to be used to construct the LED display.

The use of more tiles is used in order to get the advertisement with a screen with a larger size than it is for that. In order to do this, you must add more boards or use a large size board.

This board is responsible for keeping the content that will be broadcast on the LED electronic screen.

But when we specialize in our conversation about the battery, we need to know that it is responsible for keeping the stored information from loss and restoring it even if the power plug is disconnected.

Board control has many types, including the Internet, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

LED screen

The LED screen is the main component of the screen that is connected to the board controller that was talked about during the previous paragraph, and then the advertisement is broadcast live on it.

There are countless types of screens, each model of the screen differs from the other model in terms of image resolution and clarity.

The resolution of the image on the screen often depends on the total number of LEDs on the tiles that make up the last screen.

Therefore, the LED screen displays vary in degrees and are divided into:

  • P5
  • P6
  • P8
  • P10
  • P12

There are also other degrees of clarity, but the degrees mentioned are the ones that are fairly common compared to the rest of the degrees that are not mentioned.

LED screens also vary in terms of colors, there are certain types of screens displaying only one color, and another displays two colors and other screens display 3 colors (RGB).

led screenSteps to programming  LED screens

  1. The first step you need to take in order to programming LED screens is to download one of the popular LED screens programs used in programming, such as the following:
    • HD version:
      • HD2013
      • HD2014
      • HD2016
    • Power Led

After that, you have to connect the board controller to your computer through the USB cable.

Or, you can also transfer the content after it is programmed from the computer to the board control only through a flash without the need for a USB cable.

  1. After downloading the appropriate programming program for your electronic LED screen, you should install it on the computer, and after successful installation, open this program.
  2. You will find an option that contains the Tools menu, click on it to open its menu, and then click on Choose Panel Setup.
  3. A window will appear that requires you to enter the password Password, enter this 3-digit code, which is: 168
  4. Select the type of board controller.
  5. Select the screen size and you can find it by calculating the number of lamps along with the screen, and the number of lamps across the screen.
  6. Select screen resolution which is one of the following options P5 or P6 or others.
  7. Click on the Program option and choose Text. From this window, you will find a black rectangle. Enter the ad text that you want to appear on the screen in this rectangle.
  8. Specify distinct formats for screen content (advertising message), such as:
    • Choose the screen brightness, that is, the frequency and brightness in the sense of setting the speed necessary to operate the screen and turn it off.
    • Add distinctive effects to the text, for example switching colors if you are using the color screen type, or you can adjust the movements of the text to make it come from the bottom up or suddenly … etc.
    • You can also convert an image to a specific format that is viewable.
    • Show or hide the date and time as desired.

All the points mentioned in the eighth step can be set from the toolbar that you will find on the program page from above.

parts of led screensAlong with what you mentioned, you should strive to programming LED screens to the fullest extent and strive for an advertisement to appear in a more professional and innovative way in order to add superior value and quality to you and to appear more attractive through visual effects and animation, because each These steps are very important in attracting customers and attracting the advertisement that you are displaying, thus making your product profitable.

If you want to set and configure this to the fullest extent, you can resort to the Fama company in this to provide you with a professional technician and implement everything you want in the advertisement appearing on your advertising screen, and that if you cannot set it yourself even after looking at the steps required to implement it, but do not worry it is very In simplicity.

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