كيف تحافظ علي سلامة شاشات الليد الخارجية من التلف!

How to protect the safety of external LED screens from damage!

The way to protect the safety of external LED screens from damage!

External LED screens are among the most likely to be damaged as a result of their continuous exposure to external factors such as changes in the weather, like rain, dust, wind, and storms.

In this report, we offer you the best advice to ensure that the external LED screen is maintained for the longest possible period in good condition with high quality and efficiency.

This is based on the experience of FAMA Display Screens for more than 10 years in the field of display screens.

 FAMA a company specializing in the manufacture, supply, installation, and operation of display screens, in addition to designing and maintaining its advertisements and programs, with us you will get the finest screen materials approved globally with quality and manufacturing certificates.

To protect your external screen, you should follow the following tips:

– Make sure to keep damp things away from screen components, because operating the LED screen with humidity causes the components to corrode, causing damage to the screen later.

– Clean the external screen frequently to prevent the formation of dust on it, which will affect the viewing in a bad way, and also the accumulation of dust on the screen negatively affects the electrical circuit of the screen, so we advise you to be careful and clean the screen periodically.

– Do not use the external LED screen in bad weather, such as thunder and lightning, to ensure the stability of the voltage.

– Ensure that water does not reach inside the external LED screen, and if it occurs and water has entered the screen, please cut off the electricity immediately and make sure that the screen panel is dry before restarting it.

– Maintaining following the switching sequence at first, turn on the control computer first, after it works normally, closes the power on the external LED screen, and then turn off the external LED screen first, followed by then say the control computer.

-Maintain regular inspection and maintenance of the external LED screen.

– Place the main control computer for the outdoor LED screen in an air-conditioned room to ensure perfect ventilation.

– If there is any malfunction in the external LED screen, you can contact us to send you immediate maintenance or contact a technician to look into it, and be careful not to touch the internal wires without professional knowledge.



And when transporting or carrying external LED screens, you must follow the following instructions to protect them from accidental injury or damage:

– Avoid strong vibration or shock with a metal object while carrying it, because the screen surface is the most sensitive part of the LED screen.

-Avoid dropping the screen from high places.

– Refrain from bending or tightening any external LED screen cable.

– Cleaning the screen surface with its materials, because it maintains the purity and transparency of the screen, and you can inquire about these materials by your installer.

You should know that LED screens consist of very accurate electronic components and require constant care, especially when transporting or carrying them, so be careful and when carrying them, they must be placed horizontally whenever possible, the best.

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