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Renting out massive LED screens

Do you want to find the best giant LED screens?

You can contact Fama company right now to get the best deals on giant advertising screens, as most storefronts and buildings are now giant LED screens because they have many applications and are the best sellers in the world of marketing and advertising.

Advertising is one of the most important applications for large LED screens.

LED screens are the most effective way to promote your service, products, or specific goods. LED screens are distinguished by their ability to be placed wherever you want to target customers, ensuring that your message is delivered in a distinct and unique manner.

Furthermore, it is the best in terms of providing information, as you can use LED screens to display information in a variety of fields, such as sports, medicine, economics, or advertising information about your service. A function or service.

Many people use it for recreational purposes as well, such as:

Giant LED screens are also used in weddings and public events due to their uniqueness, efficiency, and quality in displaying images, videos, and photographic shots in various and unique ways.

Transferring matches: Because LED screens have the highest display quality and are used to transmit and display matches, sporting events, international shows, and external conferences, they are always the first choice in gyms, whether in the stadium, recreational clubs, or public places.

Dramatic shows: Due to their efficiency and brightness, LED screens are used to present representative shows in theatres, as many use them in showing series or films.

Fama company’s giant LED screen types

There are numerous types of giant LED screens that are used in a variety of public and private settings. Giant LED screens are classified into two types: indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens. Both types have numerous advantages and have no difference in display quality or efficiency. The distinction between external and internal screens is one of location. Indoor screens are installed indoors, and outdoor screens are installed outdoors; both have the same features but different screen sizes.

The benefits of giant LED screens from the Fama company

Fama giant LED screens have many advantages that are not found in other screens, which are represented below:

  1. Available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific requirements.
  2. The ability to control it remotely via the Internet, as it has a remote-control feature.
  3. Their superior ability to continuously update in response to consumer demand.
  4. Highest brightness, resulting in the most powerful and vivid images and videos.
  5. Resistance to all natural and atmospheric factors, resulting in the longest possible lifespan for the screens.
  6. Adaptation to the various lighting conditions in the locations where they are displayed.
  7. It is easier to spread and update.

It has a voltage regulator, so it is designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

  1. The ability to control the brightness easily.

Fama’s prices for large LED screens

The prices of Fama’s giant LED screens are determined by a variety of factors, including the features and sizes required by the business owner. Each LED screen size serves a specific purpose. As a result, determining the prices and costs of giant screens is impossible until the details to be displayed on the display are known.

In the beginning, please inform us of the required size and features for your service, and we will promptly inform you of the cost.

Where can I get indoor screens to rent?

Fama rents out all types of screens, whether internal or external, because it is a company that specializes in the manufacture, supply, installation, and operation of display screens, as well as designing and maintaining its advertisements, programmed, and maintenance.

Fama has the most recent LED modules as well as the finest electronic parts made specifically for Fama. We have obtained American and European certifications, and we offer a two-year warranty with periodic maintenance performed by specialized engineers and certified consultants.

Contact Fama… to promote your products using the most effective advertising and marketing methods.