Spare parts for led screens

Spare parts for LED screens and their advantages for led display screens

Spare parts for LED screens and all the details of this new technology used to display advertisements and attract the attention of spectators and customers on the streets and on storefronts.LED screens are a new technology that has been widely used in the recent period to display indoor ads,
And external, which aims to draw everyone’s attention to a specific product or ad. These screens, which rely on modern technology, achieve this goal and attract the attention of the viewer,
It also reflects the interest of the merchant or advertiser in the viewers and not using the outdated traditional methods of displaying the product or advertising.

In the following, we take up all the information about the spare parts of the LED screens and take a look at the importance of these screens and the role they provide to their owner.

Spare parts for LED screens

LED screen spare parts are abundant in maintenance centers. No need to worry, the screen is required and all spare parts are available, the old LED screen depends on the usual lock, where the tiles are installed in the custom case, then the barriers that fix the tiles are installed in the housing, then they are installed Connections and cables.

In fact, many people are looking for spare parts for our LED advertising screens available, and there are some spare parts available that can be easily obtained from the frame, of course, there are also some parts that are difficult to obtain due to a lack of production or a lack of production in factories but most of the spare parts for that The screens are available and we have a company where you can contact us to request information or obtain more information.

Operation is easy as data cables that connect the boxes are installed so that these boxes are not separated and these boxes become part of the inseparable display. Then the electrical cables that connect the plate to all parts are connected, and all connections are connected to the power source.

The advertising program is based on the Power LED program, which displays ads on this screen. Then the cables and all cables are connected to the projector or computer until you see the ad privately.

LED display technology and prices also change, depending on many factors.
Knowing that most of the raw materials are imported, the global economic variables, along with local factors related to the dollar prices, will become one of the most important factors in determining their prices.

Since the accuracy and quality of LED displays will affect the price difference, many important factors must be

considered before ordering LED screens.


Spare parts of LED screensTypes of LED screens and types of spare parts for led screens

Fama offers many of these screens in terms of settings, presentation, and the features they offer as well as the places where they are placed
We can also view all the characteristics of each type

  • Indoor advertising screens INDOOR.

In either of the two previous types, there are some unique properties represented that have the ability to refresh and provide the best brightness and most vivid picture.
These screens can deal with different weather conditions and adapt to the lighting of every place without any problem.
The screens offer high performance and great clarity.

Spare parts for LED screens from Fama

Outdoor or indoor LED advertising screens are large size screens specially designed to display ads in the most attractive way, as the main and main purpose of these screens is to attract the attention of viewers as they make the advertisement different and distinctive.

It is used in the event of broadcasting various events such as matches, movies, and conferences in many countries,
As it is a large screen according to the agreed size that displays the pictures with sound in a wonderful and clear way, these screens work with light, and what distinguishes them and makes them better is the contrast and difference.
It is characterized by the presence of a group of powerful LED bulbs because when the screen is activated, the light emits from these lamps so that writing, photos, and videos appear well and clear.

Also, these screens are definitely suitable for both external and internal installation, so texts, videos, and images are displayed on it. LED displays to come in different resolutions and different features because they are suitable for many people to do different occasions.

LED screens are one of the most important means for many people in the world of marketing and business management, where they need them to issue many ads and transfer special offers about your company’s products.
Or broadcast any important event, where entrepreneurs always want to spend all their money on a product that can achieve abundant profits and material gains in the highest possible image, and these screens can transmit the content clearly, and their clarity and brightness can be easily controlled. It can also work to organize and detain her working time.

It is very clear that with these screens, the advertising company sales rate increases and increases, as it enjoys watching all its offers, which increases the percentage of exposure to these products and offers.

Spare parts for LED screens and their advantagesSpare parts for LED screens and their advantages

LED Screen spare Parts The common characteristics of indoor and outdoor LED display screens are more obvious and attractive.
In addition to the visual effects, the screen can also transmit all ads, writings, and modern screens that transmit videos, TV, and 3D animation movies, and it is very important to attract attention and attention.

  • It’s more interactive, the information can be displayed and this information can be changed and many extensions can be displayed at any time, unlike the regular and traditional banner, which must be radically changed to change the ads.
  • Of course, more professional and sophisticated, the LED display offers high performance and technology that spreads very quickly due to its ability to improve the quality of work in progress.
  • Brighter and dazzling, there are screens that only show language and movement without showing pictures.
    It is the old generation of these screens, of course, better than old marketing and advertising on the walls, banners, etc. The LED display is bigger and brighter than conventional screens and is easy to see even in direct sunlight from a distance.
  • These screens are more interactive and attract people’s attention, especially since this is not recognized in the Arab world. Information can be displayed on screens that are constantly updated or at a fixed price, for example, b. Promotions or special promotions, schedules, and product updates.
  • The screen is clearer, more focused, and more attractive and can transmit video clips, TVs, 3D animation movies, and the visual effects absolutely necessary to attract attention and attention.

The progressive LED display is a high-tech tool that spreads very quickly thanks to its ability to improve the quality of work in progress. The brighter LED display displays massive screens that are brighter than conventional screens known from far away and clearer even in direct sunlight.

how you can use spare parts for led screens from Fama

Spare parts for led screens are available with us for all types of screens and we are distinguished by the speed of maintenance and warranty on the parts that have been changed, all the parts that we change are imported from abroad and work with high efficiency we can return the screen to you as new, working at its maximum efficiency and providing you with many advantages that are not provided by traditional advertising methods. We can contact you and do not worry about the price. You will not find LED screen parts at our prices elsewhere, as the engineer inspects the screen and informs you of the damage that occurred and the cost of the maintenance process.

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