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The giant LED screens its types, how it works, and its prices

Many citizens in many countries want to know everything about giant LED screens so that they can buy them for a lot of purposes, as giant LED screens to have a lot of uses of great benefit, as it helps in promoting different products and offers to customers all over the world clearly And without any problems in the display, as it can be used in many important purposes such as displaying matches in the stadium

What are giant LED screens

The giant LED screens are electronic-boards that are used to display the goods and advertisements recorded by lights, and they are at the highest possible efficiency, where the owner of the screens records advertisements on them and leaves them to be displayed and can be controlled remotely.

as they are very clear to broadcast various offers, services, and goods, It is possible to buy giant screens of any size you want, as their sizes vary a lot, there are medium screens and there are screens that reach meters in height and meters in length, and these giant screens are spread a lot in the streets, squares and football stadium, but they are spread in many ways Different.

As it targets travelers to present the various offers and advertisements that they can see through it, it is large and has enough space to see anyone displaying these screens, as they are placed on a stand or placed on the roofs of buildings, or professionals place them and install them on the wall safely, as well That you do not need to worry at all in the event that you want to install and install that screen and fear that it will fall, as the best maintenance and installation company screens for the company Fama install these screens in the best possible ways that are very safe and impossible to fall, and the company puts the appropriate height for the screens before you Install them.

the giant LED screens

The most important uses for the giant LED screens

There are many purposes for which you can use giant LED screens and the most important uses of giant LED screens are the following:

  • You can use giant LED screens in case you have the products, goods, and services you want to provide to the largest number of target groups in many places, as it is the best way in which you promote your products or small projects and megaprojects as well, by doing marketing ads in the best ways Distinctive, you can achieve a lot of sales through it and reach more customers.
  • Providing the information that you want to provide in many different fields such as sports, medicine, economics, and other fields, where we can see LED screens present in many hospitals and centers for marketing and various conferences to discuss an economic problem, for example.
  • We can use these screens in private parties such as weddings, because it gives them high quality in displaying pictures and interesting photography, as it has the ability to draw the attention of everyone around them.
  • It works best in the transportation of matches and important sporting events and for this reason, it is used in the stadium and huge gyms.
  • It is also possible to use the giant LED screens to be a theater where you view movies or series on them to enjoy a better view and be able to watch well in the event that there are a lot of friends around you.

Types of giant LED screens

There are some types of different LED screens that are popular and frequently used in many places. The giant LED screens are divided into two parts, namely:

  • Giant indoor screens.

  • Giant outdoor screens.

There is no doubt that the two types have a lot of advantages, as there is no difference in the quality of displaying pictures and writing, or even direct broadcasting on the two types, both of them have the same features with different screen size.

Types of LED screen screens from Fama

Text display led screens

It is a giant screen that can be used in shops, banks, and brands to provide a lot of offers on them in a text format that the owner is programming what he wants to write on it.

Video display led screens

They are giant screens in which important events are broadcast clearly, such as films and advertising videos about products or services provided by a company, as well as displaying important matches to them in the stadium and gyms.

Transparent display led screens

They are the screens that can display their writing and images when turned on, but they disappear instantly when closed to show their decor so as not to distort the decor.

Wall led screens

These screens are a distinctive space that is specially installed to match the decor on your wall.

Touch led screens

It is the modern screens that can be used to display products and offers, and it is handled like Android devices, and it also works through the USB.

types of giant led screensFeatures of giant LED screens

There are many features that feature giant LED screens that distinguish them from other screens, and these features are as follows:

  • There are many sizes, those screens that enable those who want to buy have a lot of options that can be chosen from what suits them and what suits them.
  • The giant LED screens to have high quality and great efficiency in displaying pictures and videos, and this helps to increase customer numbers and increase sales.
  • The giant LED screens to allow you to control it by connecting to the Internet, as it has a remote control feature that provides owners of screens with remote control with ease and control what is displayed and broadcast on it.
  • Designed with the highest efficiency and it has a very good control device that enables you to control anything with ease.
  • The giant LED screens are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, as they have an electric current regulator.
  • The giant advertising LED screens to allow their owners to control the brightness with ease, and the brightness in these screens is distinctive as it is able to display advertisements in the best possible image, and it can also tolerate different weather fluctuations, as it does not affect the wind or rain at all, where it was Install them well to avoid anything damaging them.

Giant led screens prices

The giant LED screen prices are not the same from Fama, as they also differ in terms of features and sizes that each customer wants individually, each size is dedicated to a purpose, and the prices and cost of giant advertising screens can only be determined after knowing the customer’s preferences, as there are many types that you can choose from and then you have to specify the size you want, and then the prices are determined, along with installation and maintenance prices after that, as it is necessary that you pay attention to these screens continuously and never neglect to clean and maintain them, as dust and dust accumulate It has to be constantly and with the passage of days, and this matter can reduce its shelf life, and for this, it must be taken care of continuously and ask the specialized company to work on the LED screens for maintenance.

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