To ensure the highest quality LED displays, you must ensure that all high-quality qualifications are presented

  • Its superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire.
  • Get the highest levels of brightness as it provides the strongest and distinctive live photos and videos.
  • Resistant to all-natural factors and weather factors, providing you with the greatest life of screens.
  • Adapts to all different types of lighting in the spaces in which they are displayed.
  • More interactive and widespread through LED screens, able to display frequently updated information and data, such as updates linked to tables
  • Faster to spread and easy to update.

You can contact FAMA for the manufacture and installation of LED screens, which has experience in the field of display screens for more than 10 years, to ensure that you obtain all the qualifications of high-quality screens

FAMA LED displays are available in two types, indoor and outdoor

Outdoor LED screens, commonly known as outdoor displays, or street advertising screens, are among the most common types of screens used in advertising, and display screens are also known as “illuminated billboards”, due to their having perfect lighting and high clarity. Quality.

Outdoor LED displays are used in public places, squares, bridges, the highest residential buildings, and entertainment places such as shopping malls and clubs.

Indoor LED screens are used by some instead of TV screens because they have many features that are not available in televisions, and there are also Android touch screens such as modern phones, usually used to display videos or text and suitable for use anywhere inside.

FAMA LED displays are most visible in streaming 3D video and movie presentations, and the visual effects make you grab the attention of all the people at your service.

FAMA Display is considered one of the best places for advertising screens, as FAMA adopts precision in dealing with professionalism in installation and manufacturing. That is why FAMA screens are considered one of the best advertising screens in Egypt and are used all over the world.

The displays known as LED screens are the best and latest technology that was reached in the last period of the twentieth century, as it displays your product or service in the best possible quality and color degree, forcing passers-by to look at your service.

LED screens are used in many areas of advertising, as they are the best in terms of size, shape, quality, and cost. Therefore, displays are the fastest way to attract target customers.

In FAMA, we build a continuous relationship with our customers that does not end at the beginning of the purchase process, and we provide you with a detailed explanation of our products and the correct way to program with providing a comprehensive guide about programming LED screens in terms of controlling and coordinating content, preparing display dates and preparing it to attract customers’ attention