Outdoor Led

The outdoor LED screens, known as outdoor display screens, or street advertising screens, are among the most popular types of screens used in advertising, and display screens are also known as “illuminated billboards” because they have perfect lighting, clarity, and high quality, so the word LED means dual emitter for light, which is a light source made of semiconducting materials that radiate light when fed with an electric current.

The outdoor LED screens are used in public places, squares, bridges, the highest residential buildings, and entertainment places such as malls and clubs.

The outdoor LED screens also have many features, most notably:

  • Saving energy as the external displays operate at the lowest possible energy.
  • Resistant to all-natural factors such as storms, rain, and dust.
  • Anti-glare protection for screens.
  • It is characterized by a high degree of clarity and colorfastness.
  • With high accuracy and efficiency that enables you to see it from a distance and see it clearly, which provides you with displaying your product while ensuring that its message reaches customers.

How to use and install the outdoor LED screens from FAMA: 

The installation of advertising screens is not difficult, especially the outdoor LED screens from FAMA Display Company, as the display screens work with a technology called ” Diode”.

Diode technology has recently appeared as a newer alternative to the transistor that is used in televisions, and this technology is considered one of the best and latest global technologies, has enabled us to reach the manufacture of LED screens for display with an ideal thickness that doesn’t take much space in the place.

LED screens are so-called because they are made of LED material, and they use LED lights to light and operate them, which are characterized by very high light power despite their very little energy consumption.

How to display external LED screens:

You can use external display screens, either by text display, through which the advertisement appears in the form of animated text.

This method is usually used in restaurants or malls, as well as on the screens displaying results in matches.

The second method is the appearance of the advertisement by displaying the videos directly, roasting a recorded video or a live broadcast, and this method is used in the live broadcast of matches, television programs, news presentation, or inside cinemas.

The outdoor LED screens from FAMA Company are the most used in advertising, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get the best and latest outdoor displays.