P4.81 Indoor SMD LED Display

P4.81 Indoor Screen

P4.81 Indoor Screen is attractive looking, easy to install and operate, can be placed anywhere for its small size and lightness.

It is used indoors and outdoors to enjoy high definition and perfect clarity.

In the following table, everything you need to know about the P4.81 screen

1. Beautiful appearance and independent mold opening design;

2. thin and light design, easier to install, take up small size;
3. die-casting aluminum box overall mold opening technology, modular installation, high precision;
4. indoor products using SMD black light technology, good consistency, high contrast;
5. standardized design, each component of the box can be used to ensure the subsequent display of the display area and the consistency of the cabinet structure;
6. The box body is docked and docked, and the connection between the box body and the box body is locked by a special buckle to achieve quick disassembly and assembly;

P4.81 Indoor SMD LED Display