قطع غيار شاشات الليد

Are you look for Spare LED screen

LED screen spare parts must be of high quality to ensure that your screens work properly and do not need to be replaced again. As a result, in this report, we will highlight some points to assist you in selecting the best for you.

– LED screen replacement parts

– Different types of LED screen spare parts.

– LED screen types (external screens – internal screens).

– LED screen spare parts and maintenance companies

LED advertising spare parts

The old LED display adopts the usual lock, where the tiles are installed in the customized case, then the barriers fixing the tiles are installed in the housing, then the connections and cables are installed.

The operation is easy as the data cables that connect the boxes are installed so that they don’t separate and remain part of the display that does not separate, then the electrical cables that connect the board are connected to all parts, and all connections are connected to the power source.

The advertising program depends on the Power LED program, which displays ads on this screen, then all cables are connected to the projector or computer so that you see the advertisement privately.

The technologies and prices of the LED display also change, depending on many factors, knowing that most of the raw materials are imported, the global economic variables in addition to the local factors related to the dollar prices will become one of the most important factors in determining their prices since the accuracy and quality of the LED screens will affect The price difference, many important factors must be taken into account before ordering the purchase of LED screens, and it is worth noting that most of the spare parts for these screens are available to us at FAMA, where you can call for a mixture of information at any time.

LED screen spare parts

We have available at FAMA, all types of spare parts for all types of screens, we are distinguished by speedy maintenance and a guarantee on the parts that have been changed.

All the parts that we change are imported from abroad, and work efficiently with high quality, we can return the screen to you to its initial state with ease, to work at its maximum efficiency, while providing many of the features that you only get from FAMA for display screens.

You can contact us immediately to get perfect and unique prices, and the engineer in charge will inspect the screen and inform you of the damage that occurred to it, and the cost of the maintenance process.

Types of LED screens

all types of LED screens are available to us, which are divided into two parts:

  • Outdoor LED advertising screens.
  • Indoor LED advertising screens.

Both types of FAMA LED screens to share many advantages:

– Their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire.

– Possessing the highest brightness levels as it provides the strongest live and distinct photos and videos.

– Resistance to all-natural, and weather factors provides you with the largest lifespan for screens.

– Adapt to all the various lighting in the places where it is displayed.

– More interactive, and widespread through the LED screen screens, able to display information and data that are constantly updated, such as updates linked to schedules

– it is Faster to spread and easy to update.

Companies for LED screen spare parts and maintenance

Fama Display Company is a company specialized in the manufacture and installation of advertising screens. It has a specialized team of technicians and technicians in display screens. Therefore, we provide you with the best spare parts to suit the type and size of your screens, in addition to periodic maintenance.

Call us on 01016060008 and get the best offer.