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Download program for LED screens


You have the option of using an HD programmer, which is a form of remote control software, to simplify your interactions with the LED screen screens (HUIDU LED CONTROL CARD) We are pleased to provide the following specialized program downloads via FAMA Link: percent D8 percent AA percent D9 percent 86 percent D8 percent B2 percent D9 percent 8A percent D9 percent 84/

One of the benefits of using this application is the ability to control multiple devices at the same time, which is referred to as “Cluster Management.” This means that one of the controllers in a local area network (LAN) can handle all of the other controllers in the same LAN. The HD2016 provides support for a wide variety of functionalities, including the ability to rename, delete, or create a screen; add a program, or close the screen.

You will be able to modify the message that is displayed on your LED screens, regardless of whether they are internal LED screens or external LED screens if you make use of the Power LED application, which you can download by clicking the link that was provided earlier in this paragraph.

It is important to note that each LED text screen has an electronic circuit. By this, we mean that there are different modules of LED screens and, as a result, there are many cards supported by these modules. However, there is only one way to write and add pictures and effects to control the speed and appearance of the advertisement, so you can program and coordinate using one programmer. The only exception to this is that the type of circuit determines the programmer that is used in programming, and there are two different types of circuits.

  • Power LED programmer
  • HD programmer

You can use the following instructions as a guide for writing and formatting on the LED screen screens:

1 Using the link provided previously, you will now download the programmer that you will be using.

2 After opening the application on the computer, the user interface for the programmer will display. This is the window through which we will write, program, and format the text.

We choose the writing language from the options on the previous list.

3 – We specify the height and width of the screen through the software by selecting the toolbar, and then we press the PANEL SETUP button. This is done because each electronic screen has a width and height dimension that is determined by the number of tiles that are linked to it.

4 – We are prompted to type the password, after which we are instructed to enter the password—which consists of the three numerals 168—and then press the Enter key.

5 – We will be presented with several for the screen, each of which requires attention before we can move on to writing.

6-  We decide what screen will be (R – RG – RGB).

7-  The scan pattern serves as the basis for how we determine the screen resolution.

8 – When we are finished selecting our preferences, we push the Set Up the board button to store our choices and bring up a confirmation screen with all of the options we have chosen.

9 – Then we will click the Close button. When we first opened the application, the first interface that appeared on the screen was a blank black rectangle. This is going to be where the text is written when we use the software.

10- At the top of the screen, select the word Text, and then you will be able to type any material you desire. After that, you will be able to divide the screen so that text appears both at the top and bottom.

11- At this point, format the content in terms of the speed of movement and flash by using the toolbar that is located under the black rectangle. In addition, you have the option of including a clock, date, and temperature measurement by selecting those items from the list that is located above the toolbar.

12- After that, you complete the procedure by saving the advertisement, which is the final step.

13- Once you have finished programming the advertisement and formatting it, you save it on a USB disc and then connect it to the screen.

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