شاشات الليد من فاما

Exclusive discounts on advertising screens from Fama

There are not many advertising screen firms in Egypt, but the most prominent and oldest is Fama Advertising Screen Company, which has over 13 years of market experience and provides various forms of advertising screens.

There are numerous varieties of LED screens utilized in numerous public and private locations. There are two types of LED displays indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens. Both varieties offer numerous benefits, and their display quality and efficiency are the same. The distinction between external and internal screens is location. Internal screens are erected inside of a building, whilst external screens are placed outside of a building; both have the same features, with the only variation being the size of the screens.

As far as display screen types go, the following are available:

Text display screens: They are screens used to present the content in the form of a text display, through which the advertisement appears as animated text, and this method is typically used in restaurants or malls, as well as on screens displaying the results in matches, in shops and banks, to be used in presenting offers in a text format, and the owner can easily program what he wants to write on it.

Video display screens: This type of display screen is used to show events, such as promotional movies and documentaries, and international matches and events, with greater clarity.

Touch screens: Transparent display displays are similar to the touch-enabled screens of modern smartphones, such as Android devices. This sort of display panel is comprised of a glass-like, transparent LED material. One of its benefits is its simplicity of use. When it is activated, the advertising information is automatically presented with clarity and quality, and it is removed when it is closed. This sort of LED display was designed to preserve the aesthetics of the surrounding environment.

Wall screens are one of the most distinctive varieties of LED displays, as they are custom-made to match the interior design of the intended location.

Transparent display screens are one of the finest varieties of display screens since they can reveal their text and images when they are turned on, but disappear immediately when they are closed, allowing their decoration to be easily seen.

Features of screen displays

LED screens are the greatest type of display screens due to their low cost, high efficiency, and ease of use and installation.

All types of LED displays have several characteristics, including:

Available in various sizes to accommodate your needs.

– Their exceptional capacity to continuously upgrade in response to consumer demand.

– Possessing the highest degrees of brightness, as it gives the clearest, most vivid images and movies.

– Resistance to all natural and weather elements, giving screens the greatest lifespan possible.

– Adapting to the varying lighting conditions of the display locations.

– More interactive and broad through LED screens that can display continually updated information and data, such as timetable updates

Rapid dissemination and easy updating.

Price advantages of LED displays from Fama

For purchase, leasing, maintenance, and installation, Fama Display Company offer pricing that is commercially reasonable and suitable for all clients and categories. Additionally, we offer many of the following:

  • The firm offers customers maintenance contracts, including long-term contracts. • Our company gives the longest possible warranty period on the LED screen. • The company offers the finest possible customer assistance and responds to all customer concerns.
  • The company provides LED screens that are waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof.
  • You have complete control over the information presented on the advertisement screen.

Fama offers the most up-to-date LED modules and the finest electronic components, custom-made for Fama; we have American and European certifications; and we offer a two-year warranty with periodic maintenance performed by certified engineers and advisors.

In addition to developing and maintaining its commercials, programs, and maintenance, Fama Company manufactures, supplies, installs and operates display screens, as well as designing and supporting its advertisements and programs. With us, you will have access to the highest quality materials for screens, which have worldwide quality and manufacturing certifications.

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