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Giant Led screen for Purchase, maintenance or rent

The prices of giant display screens in Egypt are highly variable because they depend on many factors such as imported materials to manufacture giant screens, and the size, accuracy, and quality also make up a difference in prices and therefore in this report we will provide a detailed explanation of the giant street advertising screens and their prices and the best place to rent advertising screens Giant in Egypt.

Giant screens are one of the most common types of screens used in product promotion and advertising, and FAMA, Display Company has the best giant LED screens in Egypt, which suits all your needs at the best prices for giant displays.

  • The factors that determine the prices of giant displays

1 / Installation location

In the beginning, you must determine the type of advertisement that you want to display, whether text, video or image ads, followed by the size, as giant screens are available in all sizes and therefore your choice of the appropriate place to install giant display screens is one of the most important factors that help in the success of your promotion of the content you provide and helps in a way Great in attracting viewers and reaching the largest possible segment of the target audience for your advertising campaign, and the location also affects the prices of giant display screens in Egypt, because installing screens on the ground, for example, differs in size from installing screens on the roofs of buildings or installing them on the facade of stores and pharmacies, for example And with the different sizes of the screens, prices also differ, and the appropriate place must be chosen very carefully, because if the viewing angle is high and the screen size is small, this reduces the chances of seeing it clearly.

2 / Choose the size of the giant display screens

One of the most important factors affecting the success of your advertising campaign and reaching the target audience correctly and achieving the important goal of attracting the audience to the content you provide is choosing the appropriate screen size that matches your content and the specific location for installing the giant display screen, and choosing the appropriate size is your choice of screen prices as well.

Because the prices are related to the size of the screens, the more screens are the higher their prices and vice versa, and when installing the display screens, Many interconnected LED tiles are placed, and the more tiles, the higher the cost of the screen, there is a proportion and proportion between the location and size of the screen, but do not worry about the prices of the screens The giant offer in Egypt, our company offers you the best price offers.

3 / Choose the appropriate giant display category

Giant display screens differ in Egypt, as they come in many sizes and categories, and from these categories, ph10 – ph6 – ph8 and the number next to the letter p shows us the number of LED bulbs in the display screen, and for information also, the greater the number next to the letter p, the lower the resolution of the screen, thus The degree of clarity of the image decreases, but do not worry about these technical matters that our company can provide the best solutions for and overcome them with the experience and capabilities that the company possesses, and our company also helps you to determine the most appropriate category for your needs and the content you provide, and the company provides you with the best possible quality to display your advertisement.


Best place to get giant displays?

Renting LED screens is available at FAMA for display screens that depend on accuracy in dealing, with professionalism in installation and manufacture, and therefore FAMA displays are considered one of the best advertising screens in Egypt and used all over the world.

FAMA has implemented more than 3,000 projection screens across the country, distinguished by perfect quality, economical prices, suitable for all services.

FAMA has the latest LED modules, and the finest electronic parts, specially manufactured for FAMA. We have obtained American and European certificates, and we provide you with a two-year guarantee, with periodic maintenance performed by specialized engineers and certified consultants.

We guarantee that you will get many of the following advantages when you buy giant screens from FAMA:

1 / Guidance and assistance in selecting giant displays

to make it easier for you, at Fama Display Company, we provide a consulting and guidance service to make it easier for customers to choose the best possible screens that suit their advertising content and also suit the specific location for installing the screen, and help them choose the most appropriate screen at the cost specified by customers, and also your choice of the appropriate size that you want. It provides the best quality, clarity, and distinctive visibility, thus ensuring that viewers are attracted to the content you provide, and with the increase in the number of viewers of your content, the greater the likelihood of the viewer turning into a customer and requesting the product or service that you provide. The company helps you choose the screen that provides all these things at a cost that is appropriate for customers.

2 / the program to fully control the display screens

Through the program provided by the company to control the giant display screens, you have many of the following features:

– You can program the screen and control the advertising material that you want to display on the screen.

– You can specify the size, colors, and frequency of the screen.

You can write and format the texts you want to display in your advertising content.

– You can control how the content is displayed on the screen and specify when you want the content to be displayed on the giant display.

– The program is available with the installation of the display screen at the location specified by the customer.

3 / Tips for presenting good content on giant displays

Everyone knows that good content is the one that succeeds and spreads very widely, and weak content does not achieve the required success for the advertising campaign, and many people may lose due to the failure of the advertising campaign, so we advise our valued customers to pay attention to the content that is displayed on display screens, and the more the ad is professional and innovative, the more likely it will be successful and widespread

The aspects of interest to the public of the product or service that you provide must be shown. He must feel the value of the product or service and the extent of comfort that it provides to him, and it is preferable to provide some discounts that encourage the public to make the decision and request your service or your product.

All of these things are easy to show to the public through giant display screens, and the company provides you with full assistance from the beginning of determining the appropriate screen and the appropriate size and provides you with the best prices for giant display screens and provides the program that controls the content you provide so that you can provide the best content to the target audience.

With FAMA, you will ensure the success of your marketing campaign with ease, Contact us now …