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LED display screens in the halls to watch the World Cup


The World Cup beckons us with indescribable eagerness, so we always strive to watch the games on the best screens in Egypt.

The answer is Fama screens for use in halls and entertainment venues because they are the best in terms of brightness, colors, and price!

LED displays, or advertising screens, as are commonly known, and some refer to them as “lounge LED screens” because they are utilized in numerous halls, whether for events and weddings or conference and meeting rooms.

And outdoor advertising screens are nothing more than electronic billboards. This type of screen is the most recent modern display method that is commercially used around the world. The benefits of Fama outdoor advertising screens include greater efficiency and effectiveness in delivering your advertisement to the public while using less electrical energy.

Outdoor advertising screens are available in all sizes, there are small screens, medium screens, and giant screens that exceed 2 meters in length or height, and these types of giant screens is found in many streets, squares, bridges, and in entertainment places such as stadiums or clubs.

There are many categories of outdoor LED screen displays, including many different models, including – Ph6, ph8, ph10

The numbers that come after the letter p indicate the distance between the LED bulbs on the screen, and it is worth noting that the greater the distance, the lower the screen resolution, and this also affects the degree of clarity of the image.

External LED screens are used in public places, squares, bridges, the highest residential buildings, and entertainment places such as malls and clubs. Features

Energy saving as external displays operates with minimal power.

Resistant to all-natural factors such as storms, rain, and dust.

Anti-glare protection for screens.

It has a high degree of clarity and color stability.

Types of outdoor LED screens

P8 is the most efficient model of external screens, as it is characterized by high accuracy and quality, unique and distinct colors, and also has a remarkable consistency between light and image, and is easy to install and transport due to its lightweight and simplicity of use.

It is usually used in open spaces with large areas because it has resistance against water and dust, and therefore it is a good choice for parties, conferences, festive and documentary events.

P10 is a unique external screen and the most widely used in the field of advertising because it has many advantages such as it has a wide angle of brightness, which highlights what is displayed on the information or advertisements uniquely in addition to that it is easy to install and maintain and lightweight, which makes it the most demanded display both in Squares, bridges, malls or commercial places.

P6 is a unique outdoor screen with perfect image stability and clarity. It is used in public places for advertising in several forms, whether in public squares, bridges or entertainment places, because it is water-resistant and has a large viewing angle, making the image or content displayed on it clear without any distortion. The most distinctive type.

Uses of outdoor LED screens

You can use external displays, either through text display, through which the advertisement appears in the form of animated text. This method is usually used in restaurants or malls, as well as on screens displaying results in matches.

The second method is the appearance of advertisements by displaying videos directly, whether a recorded video or a live broadcast, and this method is used in the live broadcast of matches, television programs, news presentations, or inside cinemas.

As for screen sizes:

LED screens are characterized by their availability in all sizes, there are small screens, medium screens, and giant screens that exceed 2 meters in length or height, and these types of giant screens is found in many streets, squares, and bridges, as well as in entertainment places such as stadiums or clubs.

The best outdoor LED screen companies?

Fama company, as it is the best in display screens, it is a company specializes in the manufacture and installation of advertising screens. We were established nearly 11 years ago. We are distinguished by ideal quality and economic prices suitable for all services with the provision of periodic maintenance by specialized engineers and certified consultants and with a two-year guarantee, with approval certificates American and European.

Fama has implemented more than many projects across the country.

We are distinguished by perfect quality, economical prices, and suitable for all services.

We are distinguished by the experience that makes us know how to ideally present your service on the latest display screens for advertising advertisements, which are only available at Fama.

With us, you will get the finest materials for screens approved globally with quality and manufacturing certificates.