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LED screen prices outdoor and indoor

LED screen prices are not fixed and depend on many factors such as imported materials, accuracy, quality and size, and to get the best prices for LED screens, you can use, FAMA for display screens that depend on accuracy in dealing with professionalism in installation and manufacturing, FAMA displays one of the best advertising screens in Egypt and used all over the world.

FAMA has implemented more than 3,000 projection screens across the country. We are distinguished by perfect quality, economical prices, suitable for all services. We are distinguished by the experience that makes us know well how to perfectly display your service on the latest advertising display screens, which are only available in FAMA.

If you are thinking of a good start to advertise your project or service that you provide to customers, then the advertisement on the LED screen screens from FAMA is a correct start as it can deliver your advertising message to a large segment of customers, knowing that the intensity of displaying your advertisement and in the correct period that you specify contributes in away. Great in reaching your target audience and achieving great success for your advertising campaign, be sure that we will offer you the best led-screen prices.

The factors that determine the price of LED screens

1 / Choose the right place for the LED screen

Your choice of the right place to install LED screen screens is one of the most important factors in attracting viewers, and that affects the cost when installing advertising screens, and the prices of LED screens differ when installing on the ground than installing them on the roofs of buildings or installing them on the storefront, and an important factor also is the size Advertising screens choose the right place for them because if the viewing angle is high and the screen size is small, this reduces the chances of seeing them.

2 / Choose the appropriate LED screen size

What determines the price of LED screen screens is the size in the first place, as the larger the screen size also the cost, one of the important factors affecting the success of your advertising campaign is choosing the right size for it and the right place as well, and choosing the size also contributes to reducing or increasing the cost. LED screen prices vary according to the appropriate size for you and your advertising campaign, so the installation of LED screens is done by placing many stacked LED tiles, and the more tiles, the higher the cost of the screen, because it is a proportion and proportion between the location of the screen and its size.

3 / Choose the appropriate category of LED screen screens

There are many categories of outdoor LED screens, including many different models, including Ph6, ph8, ph10

The numbers that come after the letter p indicate the distance between the LED bulbs in the screen, and it is worth noting that the greater the distance, the lower the screen resolution, and this also affects the resolution of the image, but in FAMA Company, our company has the experience to overcome this matter and provide LED screen screens with the best quality Enabled and in high resolution.

to make it easier for you, at FAMA Display Company, we provide a consulting and guidance service to make it easier for customers to choose the best possible screens that suit their advertising content and also suit the specific location for installing the screen, and help them choose the most appropriate screen at the cost specified by customers, thus getting the best screens LED screen with the best size and the best price.

At FAMA, we offer unbeatable commercial prices while providing the best solutions to help you start a successful and distinctive advertising campaign.

LED screen prices for video and photos

The prices of the LED screen vary according to the resolution, size, area, and technical specifications of each screen, and we will offer you the latest prices of the screens 2020 …

  • PH10 OUTDOOR LED screens cost 10,000 EGP.
  • PH4 indoor screen costs 17,000 EGP.
  • PH5 INDOOR LED screen costs 13,000 EGP.
  • PH5 OUTDOOR display cost 18,000 EGP.
  • PH6 OUTDOOR external display cost 16,000 EGP.

LED screen text screen prices

LED screen text screen prices may be the most suitable for your need and we must tell you that you can get LED text screens at a lower cost than LED screen screens for video and images, and LED screen text screens are used to display animated text ads, such as names of shops, restaurants, and malls, Clinics, airport lounges, court lounges, and many other fields.

  • LED text screen, size 20 by 100 cm, cost 600 EGP.
  • TEXT LED screens measuring 228 cm by 20 cm, cost 1400 EGP.
  • LED Text screen, size 196 cm * 36 cm, multi-colored, cost 2200 EGP.
  • Screens in the meter, measuring 196 cm * 52 cm, cost 3350 EGP.
  • Screens in the meter, measuring 196 cm * 68 cm, cost 4300 EGP.


FAMA LED Screen Price Advantages

FAMA Display Screens Company is characterized by commercial prices suitable for all customers and groups, whether for purchase, rental, maintenance, and installation. We also provide many of the following features:

  • The company provides maintenance contracts to clients, including long-term contracts.

Our company offers the longest possible warranty period on the LED screen.

  • The company provides the best possible support to customers and answers all their inquiries.
  • The company is always developing and updating to provide all that the market needs in terms of quality, latest and best.
  • The company provides LED screen screens that are waterproof, dust- and weather-proof.
  • The company produces all sizes of tiles used in screens, including large, small, and medium, to provide the required size for the screens.
  • The company offers you full control over the content displayed on the advertising screen.

FAMA has the latest LED modules, and the finest electronic parts, specially manufactured for FAMA. We have obtained American and European certificates, and we provide you with a two-year guarantee, with periodic maintenance performed by specialized engineers and certified consultants.

FAMA, a company specializing in the manufacture, supply, installation, and operation of display screens, in addition to designing and maintaining its advertisements and programs, with us you will get the finest materials for screens that are internationally approved with quality and manufacturing certificates.

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