LED screen tile prices

LED screen tiles, prices and details only from Fama

LED screen tile prices…These types of billboards and advertisements are widely used in Arab and international markets, particularly in the current era, which is dependent on modern means of advertising, which work to attract the attention of viewers and consumers to buy a specific product, so owners of companies, products, or services should focus on attracting the attention of viewers. to promote the best and most recent advertising methods.

LED screen tile costs. 

LED screen tiles draw attention to a specific advertisement or product by displaying it in a new and unique way on advertising screens that can be one colour, such as red, white, blue, or green, or can display all colours at the same time.
Components of advertising screens or LED screen tiles are imported from abroad at high prices, but when imported in large quantities, their prices become average. These parts are LED tiles that are put together into frames and booths so that advertising screens can be put in.
How to Put Together LED Screen Tiles

The LED screen displays are determined by the tiles that are installed from the front. The tiles are installed in the custom frame, then the barriers installed for the tiles are installed on the aluminium chassis, then the connections and electrical cables that connect the panel with all of the parts are connected, and the control that controls the panel is installed. The screen is then connected to an external power source throughout.
The Benefits of LED Screen Tiles

Both indoor and outdoor LED screens are clearer and more appealing to the public eye, which makes them stand out from other ways to advertise.

In addition to the visual effects selected from within the display programme, the screen can also transmit some 3D animation, and it is critical to write the content professionally with the use of attractive effects.


And LED screen advertising screens are more interactive, displaying information that can be easily changed using a computer connected to the screen, a flash, or even your mobile phone, with a special programme for the Android version recently added to our downloads page.


Thus, you will be able to control and constantly change your advertising message to your audience, as opposed to the regular and traditional banners, which must be drastically changed in order to change the advertisement.

It is, of course, more professional and up-to-date, with high performance and technology that spreads quickly because it can always make advertising better, making it brighter and more impressive.

The dimensions

The LED screen is larger and brighter than traditional screens, and it can be seen from a distance, even in direct sunlight.

These screens are more interactive. They draw people’s attention to your promotions and schedules and tell them about your products and what they can do.


The screen is clearer, more focused, and more appealing, and advanced types can transmit videos, TV shows, 3D animations, and visual effects that are essential for attracting attention and interest. Yes, an LED screen is a high-tech device.

It spreads quickly due to its ability to improve advertising quality.

The LED screen display is brighter and easier to see from a distance than conventional screens. even in bright sunlight.

Prices for single-colour led screen tiles

Because these tiles are imported from abroad and assembled locally, they are somewhat expensive. However, thanks to our diligent Internet search, we were able to communicate with the largest companies producing high-quality tiles, and we have been approved as a local agent in Egypt.

Because of this, we were able to offer high-quality, reliable parts at reasonable prices. Our company guarantees the screens for two years and can make them in any size the customer wants.

The average price per square metre of single-color LED screen screens is 3000 pounds, with a price per tile of 180 pounds.

The outdoor LED screen costs

metre displays 

• The price per square metre for LED screens with Ph10 resolution is 7,000, and it can rise to 10,000 depending on the intensity of the lighting.
• Ph8 LED screens (8,000 per square metre).
• Ph6 LED screens cost 11,000 per square metre.
• A square metre of Ph5 LED screen costs 13,000 pounds.

metre displays 

• Ph5 LED screens (8,000 per square metre).
• Ph4 LED screens cost 9,000 per square metre.
• Ph3 LED screens cost 14,000 per square metre.

A business that sells LED screen tiles?

Fama sells LED screen tiles for display screens that require accuracy in dealing with professionalism in installation and manufacturing. As a result, Fama’s display screens are regarded as among the best advertising screens in Egypt and are used all over the world.
Fama has installed over 3,000 projection screens throughout the country. We distinguish ourselves by providing excellent service at reasonable prices. We stand out because of our experience, which lets us know how to show off your service best on the newest advertising screens that are only available at Fama. 

Fama has the most recent LED modules as well as the finest electronic parts made specifically for Fama.

We have certifications from both the United States and Europe, and we offer a two-year warranty with regular maintenance done by certified engineers and consultants. 

Fama Company is a company that specialises in the manufacture, supply, installation, and operation of display screens, as well as the design and maintenance of its advertisements, programmes, and maintenance Quality and manufacturing certificates are issued globally.