LED screens in the largest churches in Egypt

LED screens in the largest churches in Egypt

Did you know that the screens used in churches are indoor LED screens?

Many churches used “indoor LED screens” to display ceremonies and spread sermons of verses due to the quality and brightness of Fama’s indoor screens. Indoor LED screens are indispensable because they have numerous benefits, including

  • Show people closer than they are in reality because of its ability to maintain deep color gradation.
  • Increase brightness and contrast ratio
  • Enhanced color quality, ensuring color stability and display of content in the best possible quality without interruption.
  • Easy to maintain due to easy access to components
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Energy-saving as it operates with minimal energy.
  • Resistant to all-natural factors such as storms, rain, and dust.
  • Anti-glare protection for screens.
  • It has a high degree of clarity and color stability.
  • With high accuracy and efficiency, you can see it from afar and see it.

Indoor screens are usually used to display videos or text writings and are valid for use anywhere indoors, indoor displays also have many consumer protection features, enabling them to work throughout the day for long periods without stopping and resisting all surrounding conditions without being affected.

It also works with a technology called “diodes” that has recently appeared as a newer alternative to the transistor that is used in televisions. Very good even though it consumes very little power.

Indoor displays from FAMA, have many uses, some use them instead of television screens because they have many advantages that are not available in televisions, and therefore many churches use them in

– View celebrations.

– Publication of the sermons of the verses.

– View external conferences and events.

– Dissemination of information and dates for religious lessons.

One of the advantages of indoor LED screens is their ease of use. When turned on, they display the content automatically with clarity and quality.

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  • The company provides the best possible support to customers and answers all their inquiries.
  • The company is always developing and updating to provide everything the market needs in terms of quality, latest and best.
  • The company offers LED screens that are water-resistant, dust-proof, and weather-resistant.
  • The company’s production of all sizes of tiles used in screens, including large, small and medium, to provide the required size for the screens.
  • The company offers you complete control over the content displayed on the advertising screen.

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