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Purchase LED screens of “high quality and reasonable price.” 


Fama Company is a company specializing in the production of LED screens, including the display of all advertisements on screens.

We also have the most recent LED modules and the best electronic components. We have certificates from both the United States and Europe.

We also give you a warranty that lasts for two years and includes regular maintenance by trained engineers and consultants.

Due to its reliance on accuracy in dealing and professionalism in installation and manufacturing, Fama is regarded as one of the best companies specializing in the production of LED screens. As a result, Fama’s display screens are regarded as among the best advertising screens in Egypt and are used throughout the world because they guarantee that you will receive screens.

the suitable appearance, various shapes, and sizes -Broader brightness adjustment range -longer runtime; longer product life; screen anti-glare protection -Built-in sensors to absorb light

changes LED screens are used in many areas of advertising as they are the best in size, shape, quality, and cost, and therefore, display screens are the fastest way to attract your target customers.

Digital screens are the most recent type of LED screen for advertising. They are used as advertising screens in a variety of fields, including retail, where they are already working to increase sales and attract customers to your products. It is simple to use and has a large number of features.

Images or custom video and audio are combined to display the message to customers in an efficient and clear manner.

Fama can design digital signage for your business’s shopping window, and you can choose the shots you want to display, whether products or customers, a welcome message, or a specific design.

The use of this digital signage is not limited to businesses. In fact, it can be easily adapted to any business.

It is a proven fact that signage will help increase sales, and will positively influence the purchase decisions that your customers will make when using signage. Digital displays You can easily manage and control the displayed content from your computer, whether you are at home or elsewhere, and there is a feature to change the content at any time so that you can advertise your products and change them all the time according to your desires.

Digital screens are different from regular screens because they are less expensive and work better. Fama internal screens are used for display screens, typically for displaying videos or text, and are suitable for use in any indoor setting, including malls, wedding halls, conferences, homes, and stores. Fama internal screens also have many safety features that protect the user.

This lets them work nonstop all day and not be affected by the environment. Outdoor LED screens from Rama are used in public places, squares, bridges, the tallest residential buildings, and recreational areas such as malls and clubs, and they are also popular in the entertainment industry.

Both types of LED screens have a number of advantages, including their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire and possess the highest brightness, as they provide the most powerful and distinguished images and videos, and are resistant to all natural and atmospheric factors, providing you with the longest lifespan of the screens and adapt to all the various lighting conditions in places. They are faster to spread and easy to update.

Fama offers the option of renting or purchasing LED screens for display screens that rely on accuracy in dealing as well as professionalism in installation and manufacturing. As a result, Fama screens are among the best advertising screens in Egypt and are used all over the world. We stand out because all of our services are of perfect quality and come at reasonable prices.

We also have the experience to know how to best present your service on the newest advertising screens, which are only available at Fama.

Fama Company is a company that designs and maintains advertisements and programs in addition to manufacturing, supplying, installing, and operating display screens.