led screen for hotels

Purchasing LED displays for hotels

Hotels always require LED screens, which are far from being considered one of the most recent marketing methods because they are the most efficient and consume the least amount of energy and are suitable for all areas, and they have been classified as one of the most important reasons for increasing sales in recent years.

The uses of LED screens in hotels are numerous and extremely important:

  1. Advertising: LED screens are the best way to display hotel services and offers that they want to promote. LED screens are distinguished by the fact that they can be placed anywhere you want to deliver your message distinctly and uniquely.
  2. Provide information: where you can use LED screens to display information in many different fields, whether sports – medicine – economy – or advertising information about your service, or to present a recorded presentation of documentaries about an event or service.
  3. Public occasions: LED screens are also used in weddings and public events that are held inside hotels, due to their distinction, efficiency, and quality in displaying images, videos, and photographic shoots differently and uniquely.
  4. Transferring matches: LED screens are used to transmit and display matches, sporting events, international shows, and external conferences because they are of the highest quality in display and for this reason, they are always the first choice in hotels.
  5. Representative shows: LED screens are used in presenting representative shows in the places designated for shows inside hotels, where many people use them in showing series of films due to their efficiency and quality of brightness.

As for the advantages of LED screen displays for hotels, they are available in the following:

  1. High-quality protection
  2. It works with efficiency and quality and enjoys the highest technologies of modern technology.
  3. LED bulbs give the advertisement a clearer image, darkening rate, and suitable colors to avoid blurring the image.
  4. All sizes are available to suit all your needs.
  5. Lightweight – Accuracy where you can control the color tones and make them suitable for visibility well so that they appear clear and pure without distortion
  6. It operates with a cooling system to protect against high temperatures.
  7. Strong lighting, but less energy consumption and longer battery life because it is designed to be as energy-saving as possible, as it has a voltage regulator.
  8. The ability to control it through the Internet connection, as it has a remote control feature.
  9. Their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire.
  10. Possessing the highest brightness as it provides the most powerful and vivid images and videos.
  11. Resistance to all-natural and atmospheric factors, which provides you with the largest lifespan for the screens.
  12. Adapting to all the various lightings in the places where they are displayed.
  13. Faster to spread and easy to update.
  14. The ability to easily control the brightness.

But to ensure that LED screens enjoy all these features, you must first ask about …

Best place to buy LED screens for hotels?

Of course, the answer is Fama, which depends on accuracy in dealing, with professionalism in installation and manufacturing. Therefore, display screens are considered among the best advertising screens in Egypt and are used all over the world. We are distinguished by perfect quality, economic prices, suitable for all services, we are distinguished by the experience that It makes us know how to ideally present your service on the latest advertising display screens, which are only available at Fama.

Fama has the latest LED modules and the finest electronic parts, manufactured specifically for Fama. We have obtained certified American and European certificates, and we provide you with a two-year warranty, with periodic maintenance carried out by specialized engineers and certified consultants.

Fama Company, company specialized in the manufacture, supply, installation, and operation of display screens, in addition to designing and maintaining its advertisements and programs.

Only with Fama, you can enjoy commercial prices suitable for all customers and categories, whether for purchase, rental, maintenance, and installation. We also provide many of the following advantages:

  • The company offers maintenance contracts to clients, including long-term contracts.
  • Our company offers the longest possible warranty period on the LED screen.
  • The company provides the best possible support to customers and answers all their inquiries.
  • The company is always developing and updating to provide everything the market needs in terms of quality, latest and best.
  • The company offers LED screens that are water-resistant, dust-proof, and weather-resistant.
  • The company’s production of all sizes of tiles used in screens, including large, small and medium, to provide the required size for the screens.
  • The company offers you complete control over the content displayed on the advertising screen.

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