شاشات الليد سكرين

Ready for winter “LED screens” resistant to wind and rain with best prices

Looking for rainproof advertising panels to exhibit your products and services in a distinctive manner?

Here are the most effective advertising displays from Fama, the industry leader in LED displays. There are numerous varieties of display panels that are resistant to all external and natural conditions.

When you acquire advertising displays from Fama, we also guarantee you will receive several of the following benefits:

1/ Advice and support in selecting enormous display screens

Fama Display Company provides consulting and guidance services to make it easier for customers to choose the best possible screens that are suitable for their advertising content and the specific location where the screen will be installed, and to help them choose the most appropriate screen at the cost specified by customers, as well as the appropriate size for the screen. It ensures that viewers are drawn to the content you provide by providing the highest level of quality, clarity, and distinctiveness. As the number of viewers of your content increases, so does the likelihood that the viewer will become a customer and request the product or service you offer. And the provider assists you in selecting the screen that offers all of these features at an affordable price.

2/ Full screen control application

Through the company-provided program for controlling huge display screens, you enjoy the following benefits:

– You may program the screen and manage the advertising content that will be displayed on it.

– You can select the screen’s dimensions, colors, and refresh rate.

You are able to write and format the words you wish to include in your advertising content.

– You may control the manner in which the content is shown on the screen and the times at which the content is displayed on the large screen.

– The application is available with the customer-specified installation of the display screen.

3/ Guidelines for displaying quality content on large screens

Everyone knows that good content is what succeeds and spreads widely, while poor content does not achieve the desired success of an advertising campaign and many people may lose due to the failure of an advertising campaign; therefore, we advise our valued customers to pay close attention to the content that is displayed on the display screens, and the more professional and innovative the advertisement, the greater the likelihood of its success and spread. significantly

It must demonstrate the parts of your product or service that are of interest to the public, it must convey the product’s value and the level of comfort it gives, and it is preferable to offer discounts that encourage the public to make a purchase and request your service or product.

All of these things are easily shown to the public through giant display screens, and the company provides you with full assistance from the beginning of determining the appropriate screen and size, the best prices for giant display screens in Egypt, and a program that controls the content that you provide so that you can provide the best content for the target audience.

Using Fama, you can effortlessly ensure the success of your marketing strategy.

Where are the finest locations to buy and maintain LED screens?

In Egypt, Fama is regarded as the top firm selling and maintaining LED displays due to its reliance on precision in dealing and professionalism in installation and production. Consequently, Fama corporation display panels are among the finest advertising displays in Egypt and are utilized globally. Fama Company has implemented a variety of Display screen projects throughout the Republic. We are distinguished by our superior quality, competitive pricing, and suitability for all services.

In addition, our pricing are commercially reasonable and ideal for all customers and categories, whether for purchase, leasing, maintenance, or installation. Additionally, we offer many of the following:

  • The organization provides consumers with maintenance contracts, including long-term contracts.
  • Our company provides the longest possible warranty on LED displays.
  • The organization gives the finest possible customer service and responds to all enquiries.
  • The company is always evolving and modernizing in order to meet all of the market’s quality, newest, and finest requirements.
  • The company offers waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof LED screens.
  • The company manufactures all sizes of tiling used for screens, including large, small, and medium-sized tiles, in order to meet the specifications of the screens.
  • The company grants you entire control over the advertisement screen’s content.

Fama has the most up-to-date LED models and the finest electronic components, custom-made for Fama. We have earned American and European certifications and offer a two-year warranty with periodic maintenance performed by certified engineers and advisors.

Contact us at 01016060008 and we will quickly assist you.