شاشات ليد عملاقة

Rent advertising displays in Egypt


Either you can rent or buy various varieties of outdoor and indoor advertising screens with regular maintenance and a warranty from Fama; whether you rent or buy, we have everything you need.

There are not many advertising screen firms in Egypt, but the most prominent and oldest is Fama advertising screens, which has more than 11 years of market experience and provides various forms of advertising screens.

There are numerous varieties of LED displays utilized in numerous public and private locations, and LED screens are separated into two categories: indoor and outdoor. Both varieties offer numerous benefits, and their display quality and efficiency are same. The only difference between indoor and outdoor screens is their installation location; interior screens are installed indoors, while outdoor screens are placed outdoors. Both types of screens have the same capabilities but differing screen dimensions.

As far as display screen types go, the following are available:

Text display screens are screens that are used to deliver content in the form of a text display, through which advertisements appear as dynamic text. This strategy is typically utilized in restaurants or shopping malls, as well as on displays displaying match results, in stores and banks to present text-based offers. Work by easily programming what he want to write on it.

This form of display screen is used to show events, such as promotional movies and documentaries, as well as matches and international events, with greater clarity.

Touch screens: Transparent displays resemble the touch-enabled screens of modern mobile devices such as Android screens. One of its benefits is its simplicity of use. The advertising information is automatically presented with clarity and quality when it is turned on, and it disappears when it is closed. This sort of LED display was designed to preserve the elegance of the surrounding environment.

This form of LED screen is one of the most distinctive, as it is built to complement the interior design of the intended location.

Transparent display screens are one of the finest forms of display screens because they can display text and images when they are turned on, but they immediately disappear when the screen is closed, allowing the room’s decor to be easily viewed.

  • Characteristics of display screens

LED screens are the greatest types of display screens due to their low cost, high efficiency, and ease of use and installation.

All types of LED displays have a number of characteristics, including:

Available in various sizes to accommodate your needs.

– Their exceptional capacity to consistently adapt to consumer preferences.

– Possessing the maximum brightness, delivering the sharpest and most vibrant images and videos.

The screens’ resistance to all natural and atmospheric elements affords them the longest lifespan.

– Adapting to the varying lighting conditions of the display locations.

– More interactive and ubiquitous through LED screens that can display continually updated information and data, such as schedule-related updates

– More rapidly disseminated and easy to update.

Advantages of Fama’s LED display screens

The pricing for purchase, renting, maintenance, and installation of Fama display screens are commercially reasonable and appropriate for all clients and categories. Additionally, we offer several of the following benefits:

  • The company provides clients with maintenance contracts, including long-term contracts.
  • Our company provides the longest possible warranty on LED displays.
  • The organization gives the finest possible customer service and responds to all enquiries.
  • The company is always evolving and modernizing in order to meet all of the market’s quality, newest, and finest requirements.
  • The company offers water-resistant, dust-proof, and weather-resistant LED screens.
  • The company’s production of all sizes of tiles used in screens, including large, small, and medium sizes, in order to meet the size requirements of the screens.
  • The company grants you entire control over the advertisement screen’s content.

Fama has the most up-to-date LED modules and the finest electronic components, both of which are custom-made for Fama. We have gained American and European certifications, and we offer you a two-year warranty, with quarterly maintenance performed by certified engineers and advisors.

In addition to designing and maintaining its advertisements and programs, Fama Company is specialized in the manufacture, supply, installation, and operation of display screens.

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