led screens from fama

Best of the LED screen for stores


LED screens have become a necessary goal that everyone who owns a store is looking for because they automatically increase sales and beautify the external appearance. You can use them to display your products, advertisements, or discounts.

Know more about the uses of LED screens for shops

-Attractively display your discounts

-LED screens consume less energy, which will save you a lot.

– Show your products either “video” or “photos”

– Attracting more customers.

– Easy to update, which enables you to change and update the displayed on it constantly.

LED screens are available in two types “external LED screens” and indoor LED screens

The difference between external screens and internal screens is the place of installation, internal screens are installed inside places, and the brightness of the screen and resistance to natural factors such as water and dust, in addition to the viewing distance in internal screens, display content in a few and short spaces.

The brightness levels in indoor and outdoor LED screens are different, and this applies to several criteria, according to the purpose of using each type of indoor or outdoor LED screen, as in indoor LED screens it is not required to have high or large brightness levels as it only needs the display range, thus its brightness is usually around 1600/cd m2 for LED screens in turn, while outdoor LED screens need to double that.

The viewing distance is also different in indoor and outdoor LED screens, indoor screens display content over limited space and short distances, and use different models with resolutions ranging from “1.5P-1.75P-2P-2.5P-3P-4P” to cover nearly 100 square meters, while outdoor LED displays larger distances, model resolutions ranging from 8P to 20 should be chosen.

LED screens are the best types of display screens, as they are the least expensive, most efficient, and easy to use and install.

Both types of LED screens from FAMA share many advantages:

  1. High-quality protection
  2. It works efficiently and with quality and enjoys the highest technologies of modern technology.
  3. LED bulbs give the advertisement a clearer image, darkening rate, and suitable colors to avoid blurring the image.
  4. All sizes are available to suit all your needs.
  5. Lightweight – Accuracy where you can control the color tones and make them suitable for seeing well so that they appear clear and pure without distortion
  6. It operates with a cooling system to protect against high temperatures.
  7. Strong lighting but less energy consumption and longer battery life because it is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, as it has a voltage regulator.
  8. The ability to control it through the Internet connection, as it has a remote control feature.
  9. Their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire.
  10. Possessing the highest brightness, providing the most powerful and vivid images and videos.
  11. Resistance to all-natural and atmospheric factors, which provides you with the largest lifespan for the screens.
  12. Adaptation to all the various lightings in the places where they are displayed.
  13. Faster to spread and easy to update.
  14. The ability to easily control the brightness.

You can contact FAMA now to get the appropriate LED displays for your service, enjoy periodic maintenance, and obtain a two-year warranty, with a detailed explanation of programming and how to deal with displays, with FAMA, you will ensure that your service is offered to all your target customers in the fastest time and lowest cost And the latest technology.