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The difference between external LED screens and indoor LED screens

The difference between external LED screens and indoor LED screens


LED screens are high brightness displays, LED screens or displays are the best and latest technology in the recent period. They are used in many fields as they are the best in size, shape, quality, and cost as well. LED screens are available in two types, external screens, and internal screens.

Outdoor display screens

The outdoor LED screens, known as outdoor display screens, or street advertising screens, are among the most popular types of screens used in advertising, and display screens are also known as “illuminated billboards” because they have perfect lighting, clarity, and high quality, so the word LED means dual emitter for light, which is a light source made of semiconducting materials that radiate light when fed with an electric current.

The outdoor LED screens are used in public places, squares, bridges, the highest residential buildings, and entertainment places such as malls and clubs, and the outdoor LED screens have many features, most notably:

Saving energy as the external displays operate at the lowest possible energy.

– Resistant to all-natural factors such as storms, rain, and dust.

-Anti-glare protection for screens.

– It’s characterized by a high degree of clarity and colorfastness.

– With high accuracy and efficiency that enables you to see it from a distance and see it clearly, which provides you with the presentation of your product while ensuring that its message reaches customers.

LED screens are so-called because they are made of LED material, and they use LED lights to light and operate them, which are characterized by very high light power despite their very little energy consumption.


How to display external LED screens:

You can use external display screens, either through text display, “through which the advertisement appears in the form of animated text. This method is usually used in restaurants or malls, as well as on screens displaying results in matches.”

The second method is the appearance of the advertisement by displaying the videos directly, roasting a recorded video or a live broadcast, and this method is used in the live broadcast of matches, television programs, news presentations, or inside cinemas.

The outdoor LED screens from FAMA are the most used in advertising and therefore do not hesitate to contact us to get the best and latest outdoor display screens

Indoor display screens

FAMA internal display screens have many uses, some use them instead of TV screens because they enjoy many of the advantages that are not available in televisions, and also there are Android screens that work with touch technology such as modern phones, the internal LED screens are made of a transparent LED material similar to for glass, and it is considered one of the latest screens used in advertising.

One of the advantages of the internal LED screens is their ease of use. When turned on, it displays the advertising content automatically with clarity and quality.

The internal screens of FAMA are used for display screens, usually to display videos or text writings, and are suitable for use in any interior such as malls, wedding halls, conferences, homes, and shops, and the internal display screens of FAMA have many consumer protection features, enabling them to be able I have to work all day for long periods without stopping and resist all surrounding conditions without being affected.

Advantages of indoor LED screens from FAMA Display:

– Show people more closely than they are due to its ability to preserve the hue of colors in depth.

– Increase the brightness and contrast ratio

– Enhancing color quality, ensuring color stability, and displaying content in the best possible quality without interruption.

– Ease of maintenance, due to easy access to components

– Lightweight and easy to install

Therefore, these features must be available before purchasing the indoor LED screens, and to ensure the best indoor display screens, you can contact us to buy the appropriate LED screens to display your service or product at the best prices and lowest cost, and when you buy from FAMA display screens, you will ensure that you get a two-year warranty with periodic maintenance from by specialized engineers for the maintenance of LED screens.

The difference between indoor and outdoor LED display

The difference between the external screens and the indoor screens is the place of installation, the indoor screens are installed inside the places, and the degree of brightness of the screen differs and the resistance to natural factors such as water and dust, in addition to the viewing distance in the indoor screens, the content is displayed in a few and short areas.

Brightness levels differ in indoor and outdoor LED screens, and this applies to several criteria, according to the purpose of using each type of indoor or outdoor LED screens, as in indoor LED screens, they are not required to have high or large brightness levels as they only need a range of display Thus, its brightness is usually around 1600 / cd m2 for LED screens in turn, while outdoor LED screens need to double that.

The ability of indoor and outdoor LED screens to resist water may also differ, as indoor LED screens are not very waterproof, because they are not naturally exposed to water, but outdoor LED screens differ from them at this stage, to rain, wind, etc., so the cables must contain The outdoor LED screens are waterproof and highly waterproof.

The viewing distance also varies in indoor and outdoor LED screens, as the indoor screens display content over limited space and short distances, and different models are used with a resolution ranging from “1.5P-1.75P-2P-2.5P-3P-4P” to cover approximately 100 square meters., While outdoor LED screens cover greater distances, model resolutions ranging from 8P to 20 should be chosen.

Both the indoor and outdoor LED screens share:

– Their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire.

– Possessing the highest brightness levels, as it provides the strongest, live and distinct photos and videos.

– Resistance to all-natural and weather factors, which provides you with the largest lifespan for screens.

– Adapting to all the various lighting in the places where it is displayed.

– More interactive and widespread through the LED screen screens, able to display information and data that are constantly updated, such as updates linked to schedules

– it Faster to spread and easy to update.

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