شاشات الليد وشاشات lcd

The distinction between LED and LCD screens

Why is there a difference between LED displays and LCD screens? This is one of the top ten questions that customers ask FAMA customer service representatives about LED screens, so we will explain the distinction between the two below.

First: LCD displays


LCD is an abbreviation for “liquid crystal display” and refers to a series of liquid crystal displays with numerous advantages. One of its most significant advantages is the strength and purity of colors, particularly if it is white.

LCD displays are the primary ancestor of LED screens due to the fact that they share a common technology. This technology relies on multiple layers of glass that attract the crystalline liquid, and is surely the one that allows light to pass through swiftly.

In addition to the fact that LED panels are superior in various ways, LCD screens have other flaws, including:

Lack of depth or clarity in the dark.

  • The lighting is faulty.
  • Slower than LED displays in terms of response time.
  • Additionally, its lifespan is shorter than that of LED displays.

It may be slightly less than LED screens, but LED screens are the greatest, especially in low light, as well as being the finest for cell phone and computer screens.


Second, LED displays…

LED displays are the most advanced and best sort of contemporary screens because:

  • Due to its reliance on LED technology, LED displays are the greatest and most perfect for conserving electrical energy and minimizing energy consumer costs.
  • LED screens are the best in terms of light intensity, clarity of vision, and viewing angles, thanks to the light-emitting diode technology that is incorporated into every LED screen.
  • Due to technological advancements, LED screens are now slimmer than LCD screens, allowing for greater energy distribution.
  • LED screens’ response time ranges from 1 to 5 milliseconds due to their less responsive competitors.
  • You can remotely program the LED screens using the Power LED program or other programs that provide complete control over the LED screens.
  • LED screens vary in size, since there are screens of standard dimensions and screens of enormous dimensions.

LED screens are unquestionably superior to all other screens; call us now… With FAMA, you will be able to offer your service to all of your target customers in the shortest time, at the lowest cost, and with the most up-to-date technology by acquiring the appropriate LED display screens for your service, receiving periodic maintenance and a two-year warranty, and receiving a detailed explanation of programming and how to work with display screens.