شاشات الـ LED  و الـ LCD ما الفرق بينهما وإيهما أفضل!

What is the difference between LED and LCD screens, and which is better?

What is the difference between LED and LCD screens, and which is better?

One of the most commonly asked topics at Fama is what the difference is between LED and LCD panels, which is better and more appropriate!

So let’s go over both of these in greater depth.

First: LCD screens

The word LCD is an acronym for the term “liquid crystal display” and it indicates that it is a group of liquid crystal displays that have several advantages, and one of the most important features is the strength and clarity of colors, especially if it comes in white, in addition to that it is characterized by low power consumption while providing strong brightness.

LCD screens are believed to be the core model from which LED displays branch out since they both share one technology, which is based on several various layers of glass that attract liquid crystal, allowing light to travel swiftly.

In addition, LED screens are better at several points. There are many defects in LCD screens, including:

– The lack of depth or clarity of the black color in it.

– own lighting leaks.

– Weaker than LED screens in response time.

– In addition its life span is less than the life of LED screens.

It may be somewhat less than the LED screens, and therefore the LED screens are the best, especially in low light, and the best also in the screens of mobile phones and computers.

Second: LED screens

LED screens are the best and most advanced types of modern screens, and LED screens differ in several points, including:

It relies mainly on LED technology, which makes LED screens the best and most ideal in terms of saving electrical energy and reducing the consumer’s cost of energy.

LED screens are the best in terms of light intensity, clarity of vision, and multi-angle thanks to the technology of light-emitting diodes and can be found throughout LED screens

Technology has made LED screens somewhat thinner than LCD screens for a higher distribution of power usage.

The response speed of LED screens ranges from 1 to 5 milliseconds due to its less responsive competition.

You can program LED screens remotely, through the Power LED program or other programs that enable you to fully control the LED screens.

There are many sizes and types of LED screens, as there are screens of normal sizes and there are screens of giant sizes.

  • Types of LED screens


Text display screens: They are screens used to present the content in the form of a text display, through which the advertisement appears in the form of animated text, and this method is usually used in restaurants or malls, as well as on screens displaying results in matches, in shops and banks, to be used in presenting offers in a text form, and the owner Work by programming what he wants to write on it easily.

Video display screens: This type of display screen is used to broadcast events more clearly, such as advertising videos and documentaries, as well as used to broadcast international matches and events.

Touch screens: Transparent display screens are like the screens of modern phones, such as Android screens, which operate with touch technology. This type of display screen is made of transparent LED material that looks like glass. USB.

Among its advantages is its ease of use. When it is turned on, the advertising content is automatically displayed with clarity and quality, and the content disappears when it is closed. This type of LED screen was created to preserve the beauty of the surrounding decoration.

Wall screens: This is one of the most distinctive types of LED screens, as it is manufactured to match the decor of the place in which it will be used.

Transparent display screens: It is one of the finest types of display screens, as it can display its writing and pictures when it is turned on, but it disappears immediately when it is closed so that its decoration appears with ease.

There is no doubt that LED screens are better than any other screens…

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