The latest uses of LED screens

What are The latest uses of LED screen screens!

Turn gutter covers for famous personalities



LED screens have entered the field of advertising in the recent period to become one of the best methods used in advertising, and this is what happened in Tokorozawa, Japan.

Officials transformed street drains into illuminated panels with famous Japanese characters using LED screens, as they decorated 28 street sewer covers with famous characters from the world of Japanese animation.

Illuminated LED screens have been used for street sewage covers, and unlike the world, the manhole covers in Japan have a distinctive appearance that attracts all passers-by, thanks to the LED screens and transforming them into beautifully illuminated paintings.

Here we come to ask the question of how do the LED screens work in the drain covers!

Authorities in Tokorozawa, north of Tokyo, revealed that the 27 covers for sewage openings in Japanese streets are characterized by the presence of LED screens in addition to solar panels.

In addition to the façades of the gutters cover that works on solar energy, in addition to the fact that they are distinguished by the colorful designs inspired by the famous cartoon characters known in Japan and abroad.

As for the strange thing, the illuminated screens of the drain covers help prevent the commission of night crimes, especially in the main streets, in addition to their aesthetic role.

This is what was stated by workers of the water and sanitation department in Tokorozawa, that the covers of the gutters contributed to the detection of theft in an incident that is the first of its kind in the country.

As for how to control the LED screens in the manhole covers?

Sink covers that light up automatically during the night, and each cover is located next to its solar panels and is

connected under the ground, and the covers automatically light up from five in the evening until two in the morning and can be controlled by LED screen programs known to all its users.

Sewer covers were the focus of attention of artists in Japan and an important part of the culture in the country and this artistic style can be traced back to the eighties of the last century when Japanese cities began making drain covers with designs inspired by the cultural and historical identity of the region, and over the years this art developed through the incorporation of Modern cultural elements in designs and graphics such as cartoon characters and local mascots, and even the incorporation of technology into them as Tokorozawa has done recently, according to Sky News Arabia.

It is worth noting that the LED screen screens are the latest and best display screens in the recent period, as they offer the best possible quality and the degree of distinctive colors, and are used in many magazines, and one of the most important areas in which LED screen screens are used is the field of advertising.

At the beginning of dealing with LED screens, you must know some things about these screens, the most important of which is how LED screens work?

LED screen screens are electronic panels used in advertising and this type of screen is the latest modern display methods that are used commercially around the world and the advantages of LED screens are that they are more efficient and effective in delivering your advertisement to the public with a high rationalization of electrical energy.

LED screens contain many LED panels and are called “Module” cells, which are the same panels used in LED lights, known as “pixel”.

They are distributed inside the LED screen screens evenly and with the same accuracy, which makes them provide the best possible quality in displaying content and give the best colors, and the best possible viewing angle.

The term LED refers to “Light Emitting Diode”, which means a light-emitting diode, an electric current passes through this LED, to provide the best possible quality, and this is what distinguishes LED screens from previous generations of screens, and therefore they are used in display screens, cell phone screens and screens PC.

One of the important advantages offered by LED screens is energy saving, as it is less energy-consuming than previous generations of screens while maintaining the best possible quality, and works with high efficiency, and therefore it is the most widespread and most used, especially in the means of advertising as it provides special content You have the best possible quality as it works to attract the target customers to serve you through its glow, brightness of colors and unique quality.

The LED screens depend in their work on the passage of electrical current passing through them because they contain Light Emitting Diode LEDs, and these valves are composed of an elevator and a cathode, the two “anode-cathode”, both of which are separated at two different ends from each other, and with the electrical current connected, then The atoms are excited rapidly from the elevator, as it is the highest in energy, and they go to the cathode and it is the lowest in energy. Thus, the crystal fusion occurs in one direction

and the electricity is connected to it as a whole in the form of a photon, and thus one of the light rays that has a specific frequency and accordingly has a wavelength as well A specific color is emitted by the LED, which explains the versatility of LEDs.

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