Why does a factory need LED screens?


LED screens are indispensable in any factory because they are the fastest way to receive information and speed up the process of transmitting instructions. Therefore, we will talk in this report about everything related to internal LED screens to make the most of them for your factory!


What are LED screens?

LED screens are electronic panels used for advertising and this type of screen is the latest modern display method that is used commercially around the world. Whether in length or height.

One of the important advantages provided by the display screens is energy saving, as it is less energy consumption than previous generations of screens while maintaining the best possible quality, and works with high efficiency, and therefore it is the most widespread and most used, especially in the means of advertising as it provides special content You have the best possible quality as it works to attract the target customers to serve you through its glow, brightness of colors and unique quality.

The most used type of LED screens in factories?

Internal display screens, especially digital screens, are the newest type of LED screens. As for the way they operate, they are characterized by ease of use and have many advantages. Pictures or dedicated video and audio are combined to display the message addressed to customers efficiently and clearly. FAMA can design digital signage for a window Shopping for your business, and you can also choose the shots you want to display, whether products, customers, welcome message, or a specific design, and the use isn’t limited to business, it can be easily adapted to any business, it is a sure fact that the signs will help increase sales, And it will positively affect the purchase options that your customer will make, and when using digital screens, you can easily manage and control the displayed content whether you are in your home or another place through your computer, and there is a feature to change the content at any time so that you can advertise and change your products All the time according to your desire, digital screens are distinguished because they are less expensive and more efficient than traditional screens.

Choose the right screen for your factory!

Indoor LED screens are most commonly used in factories, which are available in the following types (P3.91, P5, P4, P.81).

P3.91 Indoor display, lightweight, easy to transport, install and maintain.

It also has a distinctive brightness that adapts to the surrounding lights and is usually used in closed conference rooms or lectures, because of its clarity and ease of separation and re-operation.

P5 is the most distinctive model of indoor screens, it is characterized by a very wide viewing angle and is fully colored, and has a unique brightness more than other LED screens, making it widely used for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

P4.81 Indoor Screen is attractive looking, easy to install and operate, can be placed anywhere for its small size and lightness.

It is used indoors and outdoors to enjoy high definition and perfect clarity.

Indoor screens have many uses, some use them instead of TV screens because they enjoy many advantages that are not available in televisions, and there are also Android screens that work with touch technology such as modern telephones, the internal LED screens are made of transparent LED material similar to glass, and it is considered one of the latest screens Used in advertising.

One of the advantages of the internal LED screens is their ease of use. When turned on, it automatically displays the advertising content with clarity and quality.

The internal screens of FAMA are used for display screens, usually to display videos or text writings, and are suitable for use in any indoor factory. FAMA’s internal displays also have many consumer protection features, enabling them to work throughout the day for long periods without interruption and resistance to all surrounding conditions Without being affected.

The best company for LED screens

FAMA Display Screens Company is characterized by commercial prices suitable for all customers and groups, whether for purchase, leasing, maintenance, and installation. We also provide many of the following features:

  • The company provides maintenance contracts to clients, including long-term contracts.

Our company offers the longest possible warranty period on the LED screen.

  • The company provides the best possible support to customers and answers all their inquiries.
  • The company is always developing and updating to provide all that the market needs in terms of quality, latest and best.
  • The company provides waterproof Screens, dust- and weather-proof.
  • The company’s production of all sizes of tiles used in screens, including large, small and medium, to provide the required size for the screens.
  • The company offers you full control over the content displayed on the advertising screen.

FAMA has the latest LED modules, and the finest electronic parts, specially manufactured for FAMA. We have obtained American and European certificates, and we provide you with a two-year guarantee, with periodic maintenance performed by specialized engineers and certified consultants.

FAMA, a company specializing in the manufacture, supply, installation, and operation of display screens, in addition to designing and maintaining its advertisements and programs, with us you will get the finest materials for screens that are internationally approved with quality and manufacturing certificates.

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FAMA LED screens also have many features that are not found in any of the other screens, which represent both of the following:

  1. High-quality protection
  2. It works efficiently and with quality and enjoys the highest modern technology techniques.
  3. LED bulbs give the advertisement a purer image, with a darker rate, and the color is suitable to avoid cluttering the image.
  4. Available in all sizes to suit all your needs.
  5. Light-weight – accuracy where you can control the color tones and make them suitable for vision well so that they appear clear and crisp without interference.
  6. It works with a cooling system to protect against high temperatures.
  7. Strong lighting but less energy consumption and longer battery life because it is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, as it has a voltage regulator.
  8. The ability to control it through an internet connection, because it has a remote control feature.
  9. Their superior ability to continuously update according to the consumer’s desire.
  10. Possessing the highest brightness levels, providing the strongest live and distinct photos and videos.
  11. Resistance to all-natural and weather factors, which provides you with the largest lifespan for screens.
  12. Adapting to all the different lights in the display areas.
  13. Faster to spread and easy to update.
  14. The ability to control the degree of brightness easily.

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